Reporter Shouts To Hunter Biden, ‘was The Cocaine At The White House Yours?!’

Aiexpress – During a press conference, a reporter directly questioned Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, about his alleged association with a bag of cocaine that was discovered at the White House in the previous year.

After Biden testified on Capitol Hill on Wednesday in response to the Republican impeachment inquiry against his father, his attorney, Abbe Lowell, addressed the media to discuss the situation.

According to Lowell, it appears that the Republican members were more interested in discussing his client’s addiction rather than asking relevant questions related to their impeachment inquiry. He argues that House Republicans lack evidence to support their claims of bribery on the part of his client.

As they distanced themselves from the onlookers, a reporter called out, “Mr. Biden, was the cocaine found at the White House yours?!”

Upon hearing his name, Biden turned his head to face the reporter. However, he quickly ignored him after hearing the question.


In a media frenzy and Secret Service investigation last year, a bag of cocaine was discovered in the White House. The authorities were determined to find out who had dropped the Schedule II substance.

The White House boasts of its robust security and surveillance measures. However, the Secret Service recently admitted that they were unable to ascertain the owner of the discovered cocaine, despite their extensive efforts.

Several politicians and commentators, including Nikki Haley, have suggested that the cocaine may have belonged to Hunter Biden, pointing to his past struggles with addiction to crack cocaine. Former President Donald Trump even claimed that it may have been used by President Biden himself.

“They absolutely know who it is,” Trump vehemently argued back then. “By not disclosing the information, it implies that they have destroyed the tapes and the cocaine was intended for Hunter, and possibly Crooked Joe, to give this completely inept President a bit of energy and vitality!”

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