Rochelle Park PD: Englewood Ex-con Who Evaded Prison In Bogota Murder Caught With Stolen Gun

Aiexpress – Officer Chris Kiszka pulled over a Honda Accord on Essex Street at around 12:30 a.m. on Monday, January 22. The reason for the stop was that passenger Zachary Anderson, 31, and two of his companions were not wearing seatbelts, according to Police Capt. James M. DePreta.

Sgt. Brian Gallina and Officers Jorge Orihuela and Anthony Ferrulli joined Kiszka, as confirmed by the captain.

During the search, a Bergen County Sheriff’s K-9 detected something suspicious, prompting a perimeter sniff. The thorough investigation resulted in the discovery of a small quantity of crack. Additionally, concealed under the driver’s seat, law enforcement uncovered a 9mm Taurus handgun. Notably, the firearm was loaded with four hollow-point bullets.

According to DePreta, the gun had been reported stolen in Georgia.

Anderson faced multiple weapons charges, including the possession of a firearm, which was also discovered to be stolen. This was particularly concerning as Anderson was a convicted felon.


He also faced charges related to drug offenses.

If he is found guilty of any of the gun charges, whether through a trial or a plea bargain, he will face a significant prison sentence in the state.

Sadly, he passed away shortly after at Hackensack University Medical Center.

Talek Lawson, the shooter from Englewood, received a 30-year prison sentence in April. A jury in Hackensack found him guilty of murder in November 2022.

Despite having a criminal history that spans over a decade, Anderson, who was charged with assaulting another man during the brawl, chose to cooperate with Bergen County prosecutors. As a result, he was sentenced to probation.

Anderson will continue to be held in the Bergen County Jail without any chance of being released on bail reform following the recent arrest in Rochelle Park. This means that he will remain in custody for the foreseeable future.

Rochelle Park Police Chief Dean Pinto expressed his immense pride in the efforts of his officers to eliminate illegal firearms from the streets in their jurisdiction. He emphasized the significance of their work, not only in potentially preventing and solving serious crimes but also in ensuring the safety of the community.

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