Russian Tv Star Discovered Deceased 6 Weeks After Posting Chilling Goodbye Video

The lifeless body of a Russian reality TV star and influencer was discovered on Sunday, marking the end of a 41-day period since she tearfully bid farewell to her fans in what would tragically become her final message to them.

On March 31, officials discovered Liberzh Kpadonu, 36, in her flat in Korolyov, just outside Moscow. According to various media reports, her neighbors requested a wellness check after noticing a “strong smell” coming from her home. When officials arrived, they discovered Kpadonu’s body on the floor.

On February 14th, Kpadonu took to her social media to share an emotional video update with her followers. In the video, she revealed that she was about to undergo surgery for a tumor in her right lung. Visibly distressed, the actress bid farewell to those who were familiar with her journey.

The cause of Kpadonu’s death is yet to be revealed, but authorities suspect that she passed away alone in her apartment shortly after undergoing surgery. Local media has reported that Kpadonu’s body remained undiscovered for a considerable period of time, as stated by neighbors and friends.

A close friend and former reality TV contestant, Aliana Ustinenko, expressed her heartfelt condolences on social media for Kpadonu’s passing, stating, “It’s all true. Forty-one days ago. Baby, rest in peace. I can’t say anything, there are simply no words.”


Kpadonu participated in the reality dating TV show House-2 back in 2011. The show focuses on participants finding romantic partners while simultaneously building a house. After her time on the show, she remained active in the reality TV scene in Russia for the next ten years. As a result, she gained a substantial following and became an influential figure with 689,000 followers on Instagram.

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