Scaramucci Calls Trump ‘the Least American Presidential Nominee Ever In Us History’

In a recent interview, Anthony Scaramucci boldly stated that former President Trump holds the title of being the “most un-American presidential nominee in U.S. history.”

“We need to shift our attention towards Mr. Trump, who is arguably the most un-American presidential nominee in the history of the United States,” Scaramucci emphasized during his interview on CNN’s “The Source” with host Kaitlan Collins. “It is crucial that we carefully examine his proposed actions and policies in order to assess his suitability for the role of the American president.”

Scaramucci continued, expressing his belief that if they were to take that course of action, it would result in a loss for him in the election.

Anthony Scaramucci, who famously served as communications director in the Trump White House for a brief 11-day stint, has since become a vocal critic of the former president. During a recent interview with CNN, Scaramucci expressed his belief that Trump is actively engaging with dictators.

According to Scaramucci, Donald Trump aspires to join forces with autocratic leaders such as Vladimir Putin. The former White House communications director also highlights the close ties between Putin and Iran, emphasizing the potential implications for the Middle East. Scaramucci suggests that Trump’s transactional nature could play a significant role in this alliance.


Scaramucci pointed out that the President has been quite explicit about his intentions to target individuals or entities in the press that he disagrees with or considers as adversaries. He has even expressed his desire to potentially threaten their Federal Communications Commission license. Additionally, he has publicly stated his intention to use the Department of Justice to go after his political rivals. Scaramucci highlighted that the list of such actions goes on and on.

In a recent statement, Scaramucci claimed that Trump had a close relationship with Putin, referring to it as a “love affair.” This comment came after the former president made remarks about NATO, stating that he would only protect alliance members who met defense spending targets.

“He is infatuated with Vladimir Putin, and I don’t believe anyone in Western leadership truly comprehends the extent of this infatuation,” Scaramucci expressed. “Even intelligence agencies fail to grasp the depth of this connection, as Vladimir Putin openly advocates for the reunification of former Soviet Union territories.”

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