Section 4’s top third-team players recognized on large-school all-state football teams

Section 4 representatives from New York have a couple of highly-regarded third-team defenders on the New York State Sports Writers Association large-school all-state football teams.

Bradock Salisbury from Horseheads and his senior teammate, Liam Nealy from Vestal, have both been acknowledged as third-team selections in Class A. These two talented players faced off when their respective teams competed for the title of Section 4’s three-team Class A group. The Golden Bears emerged victorious with a score of 40-14, but unfortunately, their journey was cut short in the state quarterfinals by Whitesboro.

Salisbury was honored as the recipient of the Ernie Davis Award, an esteemed accolade given to a player from one of the three Chemung County football programs. This recognition is based on a combination of outstanding football accomplishments, academic achievement, and exemplary character.

Throughout the season, Salisbury demonstrated his prowess on the field, recording 32 tackles and returning a fumble an impressive 65 yards for a touchdown. Additionally, he showcased his versatility by rushing 77 times for 787 yards and 10 touchdowns. In the passing game, Salisbury made an impact with 18 receptions for 253 yards and three touchdowns.

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Nealy, who is widely recognized as Vestal’s most exceptional player on both offense and defense, recorded an impressive 97 tackles while also rushing for an impressive 1,097 yards and scoring 17 touchdowns.

In Section 4 Class AA, the top honor is bestowed upon Johnnie Garcia, a senior linebacker from Elmira, who has been chosen for the fourth team. Elmira, having come out on top of the section’s three-team Class AA group, unfortunately, lost in the state quarterfinal against Syracuse CBA.

The NYSSWA’s Steve Grandin, a Saratoga Springs resident and former sports editor of The Saratogian, compiles the all-state teams. He consults with a wide network of media members throughout the state to create these teams.

The recently released all-state teams in Classes B, C, and D showcased not only 15 first-team selections but also three exceptional Players of the Year.


Co-Players of the Year: Syair Torrence from Christian Brothers Academy (OE/LB, Sr., 5-11, 200) and Rich Belin from Cardinal Hayes (QB, Jr., 5-11, 180).

The first team offense consists of talented players in various positions. Gary Merrill from St. Anthony’s-CHS is the quarterback, standing at 6-1 and weighing 170 pounds. Joining him in the backfield are Tyler Villalta from Massapequa-8, E’Ryan Lawrence from Bennett-6, and Jamier Handford from Christian Brothers Acad-3.

These running backs bring their unique skills to the team. The wide receivers include Korey Duff Jr. from St. Anthony’s-CHS, Jameer Thomas from Bennett-6, and Darien Williams from Christian Brothers Acad-3. Their agility and speed make them crucial assets to the team.

The offensive line is made up of Marcus Harrison from St. Francis-MMA, Rowan Byrne from Iona Prep-CHS, Colin Cubberly from Arlington-1, and Angelo Novello from Tottenville-PSAL. These linemen provide the necessary protection and create openings for the offense.

Donald Jones from Christian Brothers Academy-2 serves as the all-purpose player, while Sam Bisesi from Iona Prep-CHS handles the kicking duties. Together, this first team offense is poised to make a significant impact on the field.

The first team defense includes a formidable lineup of players. Leading the defensive line is Jason Kovaluskie from Massapequa, who stands at 6-1 and weighs 265 pounds. Alongside him is Anthony DiMenna from Sachem North, a towering figure at 6-6 and 285 pounds.

Aaron Fisher from William Floyd, a junior at 6-2 and 250 pounds, adds strength and size to the line. Zakar Moore from Iona Prep, standing at 6-2 and weighing 280 pounds, completes the formidable defensive front. Caden Brown from Erasmus Hall, a senior standing at 6-3 and weighing 220 pounds, brings his athleticism and skill to the line.

In the linebacker position, Sal Posillico from Farmingdale is a force to be reckoned with. Despite his smaller stature at 5-9 and 180 pounds, he displays tenacity and determination on the field. Ryan Wiezorek from Massapequa, a senior at 6-2 and 200 pounds, is a reliable and versatile linebacker.

The defensive backfield is anchored by Caden Lesiewicz from William Floyd, a senior at 5-11 and 190 pounds. Joining him is Jawara Keahey from North Babylon, a junior at 5-9 and 150 pounds, who demonstrates agility and speed.

Deonte Douglas from Archbishop Stepinac, a senior at 6-0 and 185 pounds, adds physicality and skill to the secondary. Finally, Sam Madu from Archbishop Stepinac, a senior at 6-2 and 180 pounds, completes the first team defense with his athleticism and football IQ.

Section 4: Selections

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Fourth team defense: LB-Johnnie Garcia, a senior from Elmira, stands at 6-1 and weighs 170 pounds.

Fifth team offense features James Freeman, a talented running back from Corning Jr., standing at 5-11 and weighing 175 pounds.

Honorable mention: A.J. Thomas from Corning Sr. and Kayon Flint from Elmira Jr. deserve recognition for their outstanding performance. Additionally, Jack Bierman from Corning Sr. and Chris Woodard from Elmira Sr. are worth mentioning for their exceptional contributions.


The Co-Players of the Year are Ryan Cole from Somers-1 and Sebastian Regis from East Islip-11. Ryan, a senior at 6-2 and 210 pounds, is a standout defensive lineman. Sebastian, also a senior, stands at 6-1 and weighs 265 pounds. He excels as both a defensive lineman and offensive lineman.

First-team offense includes a talented lineup of players. Joseph Filardi from Half Hollow Hills West-11 is the quarterback, standing at 6-1 and weighing 170 pounds. Mac Sullivan from Somers-1 is also a quarterback, measuring 6-5 and weighing 210 pounds.

The running back positions are held by Michael Berkery from Garden City-8, Rocco Carpinello from West Islip-11, and Mason Kelly from Somers-1. Berkery is a junior standing at 5-11 and weighing 170 pounds, while Carpinello is a senior, measuring 6-0 and weighing 180 pounds. Kelly, on the other hand, is a junior, standing at 6-0 and weighing 175 pounds.

The wide receiver positions are filled by Jack Melore from Smithtown West-11, Dean Palazzolo from Somers-1, and Boakai Veikai from Moore Catholic-CHS. Melore is a senior, standing at 6-1 and weighing 185 pounds, while Palazzolo is a sophomore, measuring 5-9 and weighing 165 pounds. Veikai, a senior, stands tall at 6-4 and weighs 190 pounds.

The offensive line is composed of Hezekiah Mercado from Kenmore West-6, Tyrone Davis from Corcoran-3, and Aqil Meredith-Smith from Moore Catholic-CHS. Mercado is a senior, standing at 6-3 and weighing 290 pounds, while Davis is a senior as well, measuring 6-4 and weighing 295 pounds. Meredith-Smith, a senior, stands tall at 6-4 and weighs 285 pounds.

Travis Gamble from A. Philip Randolph-PSAL is the All-Purpose player, a sophomore, standing at 5-7 and weighing 160 pounds. Lastly, Lance Maiberg from St. John the Baptist-CHS is the placekicker, a senior, measuring 6-1 and weighing 205 pounds.

First team defense: The first team defense comprises of highly skilled players who have shown exceptional performance throughout the season. They include L-Bobby Galindo from South Side, a senior with an impressive height of 6-3 and weight of 295 pounds. Jack O’Neill from Garden City, another senior, stands at 6-0 and weighs 215 pounds.

Artin Balidemaj from Harrison, a junior player, has a height of 6-4 and weighs 235 pounds. The linebacker positions are occupied by Chris Piropato from West Islip, a senior who stands at 6-0 and weighs 185 pounds,

Hayden Arrison from Clarence, a senior with a height of 6-0 and weight of 200 pounds, Isaiah Vanterpool from Moore Catholic, a junior with a height of 6-2 and weight of 190 pounds, and Taj Bailey from Boys & Girls, a junior who stands at 6-2 and weighs 175 pounds.

The back positions are held by Matthew Liberopoulus from Garden City, a senior with a height of 5-11 and weight of 185 pounds, Jack Mulholland from Manhasset, a senior who stands at 6-3 and weighs 225 pounds, Matt McIntee from East Islip, a senior with a height of 6-2 and weight of 180 pounds, and Hayden Lovinsky from Deer Park, a senior who stands at 5-9 and weighs 175 pounds.

Section 4: Selections

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Third team defense:
B-Bradock Salisbury of Horseheads is a senior standing at 5-8 and weighing 170 pounds.
B-Liam Nealy from Vestal is a senior, standing at 5-11 and weighing 185 pounds.

L-Jaylon Yearwood, a senior from Union-Endicott, stands at a formidable 6-1 and weighs 215 pounds. He is a valuable asset to the fourth team defense.

The fifth team offense features the talented QB, Cam Schaffer from Vestal-4. Schaffer, a senior standing at 5-11 and weighing 205 pounds, showcases his skills on the field.

Fifth team defense features the talented L-Qymani Viera-Powell from Union-Endicott. Standing at 5-8 and weighing 247 pounds, Viera-Powell brings strength and skill to the team.

Honorable mention goes to RB Josh McCawley from Horseheads, who showcased impressive skills throughout the season. Another notable mention is OE J.T. Gannon from Vestal, who displayed exceptional talent despite being a sophomore. The offensive line was fortified by Joe Mihalko from Union-Endicott and Taliq Weigle from Horseheads, both seniors who showcased their prowess on the field.

Griffin Stevens, a junior from Horseheads, proved himself as a force to be reckoned with at linebacker. Lastly, Cooper Hughes from Union-Endicott stood out in the defensive backfield, making impactful plays throughout the season.

Third-team players from Section 4 shine on large-school all-state football teams

The Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin reported that Section 4’s third-team football players have made their mark on the large-school all-state football teams. These players have displayed exceptional skills and have been recognized for their outstanding performance on the field.

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