Shopowner uses new AI to catch shoplifters within 30 seconds of them picking up item, providing undeniable proof

A shop owner has employed a cutting-edge AI technology to apprehend thieves in the midst of their criminal activities.

KJ Singh, the proprietor of JJ Liquors in Washington, has recently implemented a cutting-edge AI software designed to apprehend shoplifters before they can escape.

According to local NBC affiliate WRC-TV, Singh acknowledged that he was losing thousands of dollars each year because of widespread shoplifting. As a result, he decided to explore the French software, Veesion.

According to Pablo Blanco Poveda, the sales manager of Veesion, the company developed a system that can effectively detect suspicious activity in real-time by working with security cameras.


According to the speaker, whenever a customer tries to pocket an item from the store, an alert is immediately sent to notify the store personnel. This allows them to be aware of the situation before the customer leaves.

When Singh receives the alert, he will be able to view a high-quality video capturing the individual removing the item from the shelves.

Poveda emphasized the importance of having concrete evidence when confronting someone. Instead of simply asking someone to open their bag, Poveda suggests using video footage as proof, stating, “You have the proof. So, when you go to stop someone, you are not going to do like, ‘Open your bag.’ No. You have proof; you show the video.”

Singh was astonished to discover that many of his regular customers were actually the ones shoplifting, ever since he implemented the technology in his store.

“They were taken aback by the fact that they had been frequenting this place for a significant amount of time, yet nothing noteworthy had occurred. The reason behind this lack of attention was that they were considered regular customers,” he explained.

Over 350 stores in the United States are currently utilizing the Veesions system, and a significant portion of their customer base consists of small retailers.

Khris Hamlin, from the Retail Industry Leaders Association, highlighted the effectiveness of these tools in complementing existing camera systems and technologies.

According to recent findings, it has been discovered that 37% of retailers who were surveyed are actively seeking to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their business operations.

Stores have been grappling with a major issue – theft.

According to the 2023 National Retail Security Survey, losses in stores in the United States increased to $112.1 billion in 2022, compared to $93.9 billion in 2021.

According to David Johnston, the Vice President for Asset Protection and Retail Operations at the National Retail Federation, retailers are currently facing an alarming rise in theft and crime within their stores. The severity of the situation continues to escalate, posing significant challenges for the industry.

The top priority for retailers, regardless of their size or category, remains the violence and safety concerns, which go far beyond the financial consequences of these crimes.

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