Solicitors’ Discussion on Gangs in Horry County: “If They Commit Adult Crimes, They’ll Face Adult Consequences,”

Horry County, South Carolina (AIEXPRESS) — When discussing gang violence, individuals often associate it with well-known gangs like the Bloods or the Crips. However, according to Jimmy Richardson, the solicitor for Horry and Georgetown Counties, the individuals involved are typically troubled young individuals.

According to Richardson, the age group most commonly involved in gangs is typically teenagers and young adults up to the age of 25. While it is possible for gang members to be older, the majority of those involved in gangs tend to be in this younger age range.

According to Richardson, a significant number of these individuals originate from broken families or challenging backgrounds, with their struggles often revolving around substance abuse.

According to the speaker, leaders are no longer seen as fatherly figures or mentors, but rather as individuals driven by financial gain. Instead of nurturing and guiding others, these leaders exploit their subordinates, using them to engage in drug dealing or settle personal disputes.

According to him, older gang leaders often make false promises to juveniles, assuring them that they will face less severe consequences if they are caught by law enforcement. However, this is not always true.


“We will waive juveniles up if they commit adult acts, and they will serve adult time,” he stated.

According to Richardson, the cities that are in close proximity to the North Carolina state line, such as Loris and Longs, experience the highest levels of gang activity.

According to the speaker, the area around Tabor City in North Carolina is known for being home to some of the most troublesome individuals. He mentioned that there is a constant conflict and contention between these factions.

The crime scene, as shown in the photo above, has been captured by WPDE.

According to Richardson, the Solicitor’s Office is limited to prosecuting individual gang members. To dismantle an entire gang or organization, the intervention of the federal government is necessary.

The federal government typically refrains from intervening in gang activity here due to the young age of the gang members.

SLED’s most recent crime report reveals that the state witnessed over 22,000 cases of aggravated assault, out of which 43 were linked to juvenile gang activities.

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