Sotto Night Club staff arrests multiple women following altercation

Several women were taken into custody following a brawl at a popular nightclub in downtown Madison during the night, as reported by the police.

Police responded to a disturbance at Sotto Night Club on N. Henry St. around 2 a.m. following reports of a significant altercation involving a large group of individuals who were fighting with and resisting the club’s staff.

According to the police, the majority of individuals involved had already departed the scene by the time law enforcement officers arrived. However, three women were taken into custody for engaging in disorderly conduct, and another woman was arrested for obstructing.

Police report that during the altercation at Sotto Night Club, several staff members sustained injuries while attempting to intervene.

The police did not disclose the cause of the altercation or reveal the identities of the women who were taken into custody.


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