Stormy Daniels Reveals She Accepted Hush Money From Trump Due To Concerns For Her Safety

In a recently released documentary, adult film star Stormy Daniels revealed that she agreed to accept hush money from former President Trump out of fear for her life.

In the film streaming on Peacock, Daniels expressed her immense relief when her former manager, Gina Rodriguez, approached her and extended an opportunity to handle the situation discreetly.

“I was absolutely terrified!” Daniels exclaimed, as reported by Mediaite. “I mean, there have been cases where people have been mysteriously killed for political motives.”

According to Daniels, she was informed by a friend that she could potentially face consequences for being “the whole Republican Party’s problem” during Trump’s initial presidential campaign. Her friend suggested that politicians often prefer to eliminate their problems.

Daniels admitted to accepting the payment, stating that her primary motive was to prevent the affair with Trump from becoming public knowledge. She wanted to shield her husband and daughter from any potential harm that may have resulted from the revelation.


In the movie, she also admitted to accepting the $130,000 payment because she believed it would create a paper trail and money trail connecting her to Donald Trump, thus ensuring her safety from any potential harm.

She added, “I just had to sign this piece of paper and collect $130,000.”

Trump faced a total of 34 felony charges relating to the falsification of business records in relation to payments made during his 2016 campaign. Prosecutors argue that these payments were meant as reimbursements to his former fixer, Michael Cohen, who in turn had paid off Daniels to maintain her silence regarding the alleged affair. Cohen has since become an outspoken critic of the former president.

The judge presiding over the case made a ruling on Monday, allowing Cohen and Daniels to testify at the upcoming trial, despite Trump’s objections.

Due to the emergence of new documents, the trial, initially scheduled for next week, has been postponed by a few weeks. However, there is a possibility that it may proceed to a jury in the spring.

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