Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Allegedly Became Engaged on New Year’s Eve and Plan to Announce Their Engagement Following the Super Bowl

According to DeuxMoi, rumors were circulating that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were planning to get engaged over the summer. However, it seems that the engagement has already taken place, and it happened on New Year’s Eve! The couple has been publicly linked since last July and has been showing their support for each other at concerts and football games. It appears that they are now ready to take the next step in their relationship. Stay tuned for more details.

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Reportedly ‘Got Engaged’

During a recent episode of the DeuxMoi podcast, the creator shared an intriguing tidbit about Taylor and Travis. According to a trusted source, the couple got engaged on December 31st. The source revealed that they had a private moment, just the two of them, before attending the party where they were later photographed.

They appeared to be quite smitten with each other at the party.

The Kansas City Chiefs threw a New Year’s party for their friends and family, and Taylor Swift made a memorable appearance in a stunning shimmering mini dress. Throughout the night, they were spotted dancing and sharing affectionate kisses, showing a strong bond between them. It wouldn’t be surprising if they recently got engaged, considering how inseparable they seemed at the event.

The podcast host explained that they believed it was premature to announce the news publicly, especially with the Super Bowl approaching. Travis’s team is currently working hard to secure a spot in the Super Bowl, so they need to maintain their focus on football rather than getting caught up in wedding rumors.


DeuxMoi Has Been Wrong Before

DeuxMoi, the gossip site, has once again ignited rumors about Taylor’s relationship status. In November, the creator of the site boldly claimed that Taylor had secretly tied the knot with her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn in either 2020 or 2021. According to her sources, there was a ceremony in the UK that was referred to as a “marriage” by multiple people. However, it is important to note that this union was never made legal. The creator of DeuxMoi remains firm in her belief, stating, “I will stand by this claim until the end. You can even put it on my tombstone!”

Taylor Swift’s publicist, Tree Paine, wasted no time in dismissing these rumors. In a tweet, she strongly refuted the claims made by Deuxmoi, stating, “Enough is enough with these fabricated lies about Taylor. There was NEVER a marriage or ceremony of ANY kind. This is an insane thing to post. It’s time for you to be held accountable for the pain and trauma you cause with posts like these.” Paine’s response was firm and unequivocal, leaving no room for doubt.

It remains to be seen whether Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are truly engaged.

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