The Supreme Court Hinted That It May Rule On The Trump Ballot Case This Week

Aiexpress – The Supreme Court has indicated that it will release its rulings on Monday, which is quite unusual. This suggests that the court may have reached a decision on the important matter of whether Colorado can legally prevent Donald Trump from being included on the state’s primary ballot.

The Supreme Court announced on its website that it will release an order list on Monday, Mar. 4. This is significant as it coincides with Colorado’s state primary, which is scheduled to take place on Super Tuesday, along with several other states.

According to a statement on its website, the high court has announced that it may release opinions on Monday starting at 10 a.m. However, there will be no bench proceedings on that day.

The court usually announces its rulings verbally during court sessions, and the unusual nature of the note may be a result of the accelerated timeline in which Trump’s immunity case was heard and the sensitive nature of the decision.

The justices have a break until March 15th before they resume their court sessions.


Despite a ruling by the state Supreme Court declaring Donald Trump ineligible to run in the race due to his role in the Capitol riots on January 6, 2021, he is still slated to appear on the Colorado ballot. The court deemed his involvement in the riots as “insurrection.”

The ruling by the state has been put on hold as Trump appealed it.

In early February, the Supreme Court listened to oral arguments regarding the case. The case revolves around the argument that Trump is ineligible to run for office due to Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, also referred to as the “insurrection clause.” This clause was initially included to prohibit ex-Confederates from holding U.S. office following the Civil War, as they were believed to have violated their oaths to the Constitution and acted against it.

Trump’s lawyers have denied his participation in any insurrection and have argued that he is not considered an “officer of the United States” as stated in the text. However, this defense did not convince a group of D.C. judges in a separate immunity case, which the Supreme Court has also agreed to review.

If the ruling comes out on Monday, it could have significant implications for Trump’s eligibility in various states, including Colorado, Illinois, and Maine. These states have sought to prevent him from appearing on their primary and general election ballots.

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