These 5 Cities In The United States Have Secret Underground Networks

The United States is not just about its iconic landmarks and bustling cities; it hides intriguing secrets beneath its surface. Discover the mysterious underground networks in these five U.S. cities, each with its unique history.

1. Seattle, Washington: Unveiling the Abandoned City

Known for its rain and coffee culture, Seattle holds a fascinating secret dating back to the 19th century. Following a destructive fire in 1889, the city decided to rebuild on top of the old one, creating an underground city of streets, shops, and saloons. Abandoned in 1907 due to safety concerns, parts of this subterranean world are still accessible through guided tours.

2. Dallas, Texas: The Forgotten Underground Rail and Freight Tunnels

Beneath the modern skyline of Dallas lies a hidden tunnel system dating back to the 1920s. Originally designed for transporting goods and people, these tunnels also played a role during Prohibition, serving as routes for smuggling alcohol. While some tunnels are open, many have faded into obscurity.

3. Los Angeles, California: Secrets of the Prohibition Tunnels

Beyond the glitz of Hollywood, Los Angeles conceals a darker history from the Prohibition era. Underground tunnels connected speakeasies, hotels, and casinos, providing an escape from law enforcement. Some of these clandestine pathways still exist, offering adventurous visitors a glimpse into the city’s illicit past.

4. Chicago, Illinois: Unraveling the Six Sets of Tunnels

Known for its architecture and sports, Chicago boasts a diverse network of tunnels serving various purposes. From the Pedway connecting downtown buildings to the Deep Tunnel, a massive stormwater drainage system, Chicago’s underground infrastructure is a testament to its complexity.


5. Portland, Oregon: Delving into the Sinister Shanghai Tunnels

Portland’s hip and progressive exterior masks a grim history beneath its streets. The Shanghai Tunnels, connecting Old Town to Downtown, were notorious for kidnapping victims who were sold into forced labor or prostitution. Now a tourist attraction, the tunnels offer haunted tours and ghost stories, revealing the city’s dark past.

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