This is Named as the Most Haunted Place in Indiana

Established in 1885 by real estate and railroad magnate Willard Carpenter, Willard Library stands as the oldest in Indiana and is renowned as the state’s most haunted location. This reputation is owed to the mysterious presence known as the Grey Lady, a veiled woman in grey who has been observed wandering the library halls, playing pranks on staff and patrons, and even making appearances on the library’s GhostCams.

The Enigma of the Grey Lady

While the identity of the Grey Lady remains unknown, various theories abound. A popular one suggests she may be Louise Carpenter, Willard Carpenter’s daughter, who contested her father’s will after he bequeathed most of his fortune to the library instead of his children. Although she lost the lawsuit and passed away in 1916, some believe she returned to haunt the library out of resentment and anger.

Another theory proposes that the Grey Lady is the spirit of a local woman who drowned in a nearby river and sought refuge in the library. Others suggest she is merely a book lover who, even in death, cannot part from her favorite place.

Encounters with the Grey Lady

The first documented sighting of the Grey Lady occurred in 1937 when a janitor encountered her in the library basement around 3:00 am. Startled, he dropped his light and promptly resigned from his job². Since then, numerous staff members and visitors have reported experiencing the Grey Lady’s presence, particularly in the children’s department, the elevator, and the stairways.

Indications of the Grey Lady’s appearance include the scent of perfume, cold spots, strange noises, flickering lights, and moving objects. She is known to manipulate water and electricity and misplace books. Despite her mischievous antics, she is generally regarded as curious and playful, rather than malicious.


To facilitate sightings, the library has installed GhostCams in different locations, offering live footage for anyone keen on spotting the Grey Lady. Additionally, the library hosts ghost tours in October, providing visitors with insights into the library’s history and its haunted tales.

Unraveling the Grey Lady’s Mystery

The Grey Lady of Willard Library stands as one of Indiana’s enduring and captivating legends. Attracting the attention of paranormal investigators, media outlets, and curious individuals worldwide, she has become an integral part of the library’s culture and identity. The library honors her with events, merchandise, and a dedicated website.

Despite the intrigue, the mystery of the Grey Lady remains unsolved. Who is she? Why is she here? What does she seek? No one knows for certain, but perhaps one day, she will reveal her story to someone willing to listen. Until then, the Grey Lady will persist in haunting the library, enticing people to return for more encounters.

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