Tim Scott’s Lost His Own Presidential Bid. But He’s Caught The Attention Of Donald Trump As A Potential Vice President

Aiexpress – Tim Scott has emerged as a prominent figure in the Republican primary season, alongside Donald Trump.

Lindsey Graham, the former presidential candidate from South Carolina, may have fallen short in his own campaign, but his fervent support for the former president has sparked speculation about his chances of being chosen as Trump’s running mate.

Scott took on a prominent role in his home state’s primary election on February 24th. He enthusiastically rallied the crowd and spoke highly of Trump in interviews. Even Trump himself, who typically prefers to be the center of attention, joined Scott on stage during a Fox News town hall. They even wore matching red ties, giving the impression that they were already a unified team.

During the program, when asked about his vice presidential shortlist, Trump pointed to Scott, who was sitting in the front row, with a wide smile. Trump acknowledged that there was a lot of buzz surrounding Scott, stating, “A lot of people are talking about that gentleman right over there.”

The race for the Republican nomination has sparked a wave of potential vice presidential candidates. Many of them have been actively vying for the position for over a year, attending Trump’s rallies and actively campaigning in key states. Should Trump secure the presidency, he would be unable to run for a third term, putting his vice president in a prime position for the 2028 election.


But any potential contender looking to join Trump should take into account the political fate of his previous running mate, former Vice President Mike Pence. Pence faced backlash from many Trump supporters for his refusal to endorse Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud and his attempts to halt the certification of the 2020 election, which Trump lost to Democrat Joe Biden.

Scott, who is 58 years old, has chosen not to discuss whether he would have acted differently during the insurrection on January 6th. He has also avoided addressing inquiries regarding the vice president’s involvement in the election. Scott did vote in favor of certifying the results of the 2020 election and openly expressed his belief that Pence had made the correct decision during a presidential debate last year.

In a television interview in February, the former president expressed confidence in his future success, stating, “The one thing we know about the future is that I won’t be facing that situation again in 2024.”

Trump’s search for a running mate has been marked by mixed signals and uncertainty. At one point, he claimed to have already made his choice, but then backtracked on that statement. During an interview with Michigan’s WJR-AM radio on Tuesday, Trump stated that he was not in a hurry to announce his decision, playfully saying, “I want to keep you guessing.”

Aides, who previously claimed that it was premature to discuss the role, have chosen not to provide any comments in the past week. However, a spokesman referred to Trump’s public remarks on the matter.

During their meeting at Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, President Trump and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem engaged in a lengthy and productive conversation. The discussion touched upon various topics, including the possibility of the 2024 elections. Governor Noem, who is being considered for a potential role in Trump’s future plans, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to connect with the former president.

According to two anonymous sources familiar with the matter, Noem has reportedly informed fellow Republicans that she is being considered for the position of vice president.

Publicly, the efforts have also been unfolding.

The main stage at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) just outside Washington had a lively atmosphere, resembling a reality TV-style open audition. Among the notable figures present were New York Representative Elise Stefanik, who proudly referred to her upstate congressional district as “Trump and Elise Country,” and Ohio’s JD Vance, who emerged as one of Trump’s most influential allies in the Senate. Also in attendance was former Trump rival Vivek Ramaswamy, who continues to enjoy strong support from the “Make America Great Again” base. Florida Representative Byron Donalds, whom Trump has praised as a “superstar with a tremendous future,” and Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake were also among the participants.

Noem and Ramaswamy both emerged as the frontrunners in CPAC’s yearly straw poll. This informal survey serves as a valuable indicator of the preferences of the party’s passionate grassroots supporters. Meanwhile, a second tier was composed of former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, Stefanik, and Scott.

Some other individuals who have been suggested as possible choices include Ben Carson, who previously served as Trump’s housing secretary; Doug Burgum, the governor of North Dakota who endorsed Trump after suspending his own campaign; Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s former press secretary and the current governor of Arkansas; and Marsha Blackburn, a senator from Tennessee.

Aides and allies have stated that Trump, who expects loyalty from his employees, is searching for an individual who can effectively rally support and act as a spokesperson. However, he also desires someone who will not overshadow him in this position. Though Trump has shown an inclination towards selecting a woman, his campaign is also focused on appealing to a broader range of voters, including minority groups such as Black and Hispanic men.

Scott frequently incorporates Scripture into his campaign events, emphasizing his reliance on spiritual guidance as a “born-again believer.”

According to insiders, Trump and Scott have established a strong bond. They have spent a significant amount of time together during their recent travels and have cultivated a positive “chemistry,” as described by South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who has been urging Trump to choose Scott.

Scott intends to extend his campaign on behalf of Trump beyond South Carolina. This includes making appearances on Fox News Channel, where he is a regular guest.

When asked by The Wall Street Journal whether he was interested in serving as Trump’s vice president, he said, “I want to do what’s really best for the country.”

Scott’s endorsement of Trump came at a critical juncture, just before the New Hampshire primary in January. This endorsement dealt a significant blow to Trump’s competitor, Nikki Haley, who had hoped to use the state as a means to impede Trump’s path to securing the nomination.

During a rally, Trump made a lighthearted remark, suggesting that Scott must have a strong dislike for Haley to have chosen Trump over her. This comment was made considering the fact that Haley, as the former governor of South Carolina, had appointed Scott to a vacant Senate seat during her tenure as U.N. ambassador.

Scott approached the microphone without any hesitation and expressed his genuine affection, saying, “I have so much love for you!”

Scott’s White House campaign fell short of expectations, despite starting off with a substantial amount of funding and an optimistic message. The vice presidential debate holds significant importance in a candidate’s campaign, yet Scott’s performances in the GOP matchups received unfavorable reviews, leaving him seemingly invisible on the stage.

However, the senator has been much more enthusiastic and engaged when acting as a surrogate – a point that Trump has repeatedly highlighted.

During the Fox town hall, he expressed his observation about how the individual in question, despite not being particularly beneficial for his own campaign, has had a significant positive impact on him. He noted that while the individual tends to avoid discussing personal matters, they are quite vocal when it comes to discussing Trump.

Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina expressed that he had heard President Trump speak highly of Tim Scott.

According to Governor McMaster, Tim Scott has a humble nature and prefers to talk about others and the issues, rather than boast about himself. McMaster believes that Scott is skilled in discussing important matters and is confident that Scott would make a strong candidate for the presidency.

Trump still holds a strong public admiration for Scott, even after the South Carolina primary.

During a visit to the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday, former President Trump was asked by Sean Hannity on Fox News if he would consider Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as a potential vice president. Trump turned to Abbott, who was standing next to him, and expressed his admiration, describing him as a “spectacular” individual who had endorsed him several months earlier.

Next, he began discussing Scott.

“He’s an incredible individual,” he exclaimed. “In my opinion, he’s truly remarkable.”

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