Travis Kelce Clarifies Whom He Specifically Intended His ‘Bold’ Post-Touchdown Heart Sign for

Kansas City Chiefs fans and Swifties alike were buzzing with excitement during Sunday’s football game against the Buffalo Bills. The crowd erupted in joy when Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s beau, celebrated a massive touchdown by throwing up a hand heart gesture.

However, Travis is now making it clear that the heart was not meant for Swift.

In the January 24th episode of Travis’ podcast called “New Heights” with his brother Jason, the football star discussed the unforgettable moment. Jason mentioned how Travis went all out with a little heart during the celebration.

Travis enthusiastically expressed, “Spreading the love is a must, my friend! It’s all about sharing that love!”

He explained that there was a significant amount of animosity surrounding the stadium. He understood that the opposing team wanted to create a hostile environment while playing in the Bills’ home turf. He acknowledged that it may have crossed the line and become extremely disrespectful.


Jason appeared perplexed, seemingly unaware of the comments surrounding the Kelces and quarterback Patrick Mahomes. However, Travis simply acknowledged the existence of these remarks, stating, “I won’t say it, because that’s what they want.”

Travis, instead, chose to spread positivity to everyone in the stadium with a heartfelt message. He directly addressed the fans in question, stating that their feelings were not reciprocated. He made it clear that he didn’t harbor any hatred towards them, unlike the animosity they had towards him and his team. In fact, he emphasized that it was all about love, baby.

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According to Jason, it appeared that they were aware of the situation, as he replied, “They don’t harbor any ill feelings towards us. I was with them, and they genuinely admire you!” This prompted Travis to suggest that they would discuss Jason’s enthusiastic demeanor at the game in the near future.

During the Chiefs-Bills game, Jason made quite a scene by enthusiastically cheering and even going as far as taking off his shirt when Travis scored a touchdown. This fun and energetic moment gained a lot of attention and was greatly appreciated by the crowd. In fact, Jason’s actions even played a part in making a little girl’s dream of meeting Swift a reality.

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