Trump Criticizes Democrats For Their Response To His “Blood Bath” Remarks

Former President Trump criticized Democrats on Monday for their misinterpretation of his weekend remarks. In his comments, he had warned about the potential consequences, stating that there could be a “blood bath” if he were to lose the election in November.

In a recent post on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump addressed the criticism he received for using the term “bloodbath.” He pointed out that the Fake News Media and their Democrat partners seemed shocked by his choice of words, despite knowing that he was merely referring to the detrimental impact of imports allowed by Joe Biden on the automobile industry.

“The United Auto Workers, although not their leadership, grasp the essence of my statement,” he emphasized. “Given the Electric Car Mandate advocated by Biden, there is a looming prospect of zero cars being manufactured in the USA—unless I assume the role of President, in which case the auto manufacturing industry will flourish like never before!”

During a rally in Ohio on Saturday, Trump issued a stern warning, stating that he would take retaliatory measures against China if they were found to be attempting to sell cars to the United States.

According to Trump, if he gets elected, there will be a 100 percent tariff imposed on all cars that are imported. This means that those cars will not be able to be sold in the country. Trump also mentioned that if he is not elected, there will still be negative consequences for the country, but preventing the sale of these cars will be one of the outcomes. Additionally, Trump highlighted the fact that these car manufacturers are constructing large factories.


“It is evident that this individual desires another January 6th event,” Biden expressed on X, previously known as Twitter. “However, the American people will deliver him another resounding electoral defeat this coming November.”

Some of Trump’s supporters defended the former president, claiming that his words were being misrepresented. They argued that he was specifically referring to the potential devastation of the auto industry if Biden were to be reelected.

The campaign of the former president seized the opportunity to leverage the public outrage surrounding the remarks. In an effort to rally support, they sent out a fundraising email with the attention-grabbing subject line “Bloodbath!”

According to the email, the media and Democrats have been using edited clips to portray President Trump as predicting a “bloodbath for our auto industry” if Biden wins the election in November.

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