Trump dominates in Nevada, now attention turns to South Carolina for Republican presidential race

In an interview with Fox Digital, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley emphasized her dedication to ensuring that the necessary resources are available for Super Tuesday.

Nikki Haley is set to kick off a two-week bus tour in South Carolina, as the state prepares for its Republican presidential primary on February 24. This will be an important contest on the GOP nominating calendar.

On social media Friday, the former two-term South Carolina governor, who later served as U.N. ambassador in former President Donald Trump’s administration, expressed her excitement for the Beast of the Southeast Bus Tour.

Haley has a challenging task ahead of her as she seeks the GOP nomination. Her former boss, who is the clear frontrunner, is running for the White House for the third consecutive time.

This weekend, Trump will be making a return to South Carolina, campaigning in the Palmetto state for the first time in two months.


Trump Strikes it Big in Las Vegas

The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas proved to be a lucky charm for Donald Trump, as he hit the jackpot during his recent visit to the famous city. The former president’s fortune took a turn for the better as he engaged in high-stakes gambling at some of the most prestigious casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

Trump’s gambling prowess was on full display as he effortlessly navigated the casino floor, trying his hand at various games of chance. With his signature confidence and a touch of luck, he managed to amass an impressive fortune in a matter of hours.

Witnesses at the scene were in awe of Trump’s winning streak, with one onlooker stating, “It was like watching a master at work. Trump had an uncanny ability to predict the outcome of each game he played. It was truly a sight to behold.”

The former president’s success at the gambling tables comes as no surprise to those who know him well. Trump has always been known for his business acumen and his ability to make bold decisions. These traits seem to have translated seamlessly into the world of gambling, allowing him to outsmart even the most experienced players.

As news of Trump’s gambling triumph spread, the atmosphere in Las Vegas became electric. Visitors and locals alike flocked to the casinos to catch a glimpse of the man who had defied the odds and come out on top. The city was abuzz with excitement, as people eagerly awaited his next move.

While some may view Trump’s gambling adventure as mere luck, others believe it is a testament to his winning mentality and determination to succeed. Regardless of the reasons behind his victory, there is no denying the fact that Trump’s visit to Las Vegas was a resounding success.

As the former president left the city, his pockets heavier than ever, speculation was rife about his future endeavors. Will he continue to test his luck on the gambling scene? Or will he channel his winning streak into new business ventures? Only time will tell.

One thing is for certain, though – Trump’s triumphant visit to Las Vegas has left an indelible mark on the city’s history. His name will forever be associated with the glitz, glamour, and high stakes of the Las Vegas Strip.

In this photo, we see Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, delivering a speech at a caucus night rally in Las Vegas on February 8, 2024. The photo captures the energy and enthusiasm of the event, with Trump addressing his supporters with confidence and determination. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Following his decisive victory in the Nevada GOP presidential caucus on Thursday, Donald Trump now sets his sights on South Carolina.

“Can we declare victory in the election?” asked Trump cheerfully, addressing his supporters during a celebratory event in Las Vegas. He highlighted his commanding lead in the most recent polls for the upcoming primary, expressing optimism about his chances.

Former President Trump’s victory in the Nevada caucus was never in doubt. He was the sole major candidate in a contest organized by a supportive state party, allowing only registered Republicans to cast their votes.

Trump achieved a resounding victory in Nevada, securing 26 crucial delegates. This impressive win followed his landslide triumph in the presidential caucus organized by the U.S. Virgin Islands GOP.

Thursday’s caucus in Nevada took place just two days after he emerged as the victor in the state’s Republican presidential primary, despite not being listed on the official ballot.

Trump’s absence from the primary ballot didn’t help Haley secure a path to victory. She ended up losing to the “none of these candidates” option by a wide margin. It’s important to note that this primary didn’t involve any GOP convention delegates.

Haley accuses Nevada GOP Caucus of being ‘rigged’ in favor of Trump

According to Fox News, voters participating in the primary elections had the option to vote for “none of these candidates” instead of writing in Donald Trump’s name. Trump supporters who were interviewed outside polling stations revealed that they chose this alternative option.

Republican voters eagerly line up outside the GOP presidential caucus site at Lois & Jerry Tarkanian Middle School in Las Vegas on February 8, 2024. (Source: Fox News/Monica Oroz)

During his speech on Thursday night, President Trump took the opportunity to mock Haley’s statement by sarcastically congratulating “none of the above,” while also humorously adding, “I was one of them.”

During a recent Fox News Digital interview in Los Angeles, Haley casually dismissed the significance of the primary and caucus in Nevada, where she had not campaigned since October. She brushed off the events, stating that they were not something she and her team had been actively monitoring. Additionally, she made an accusation that the caucus had been “rigged” in favor of Trump.

In the January 15 Iowa caucuses, Trump emerged as the winner, securing a majority of the votes. A week later, in the New Hampshire primary, where the nomination battle boiled down to a two-candidate race, Trump outperformed Haley by a remarkable 11-point margin.

In California this week, Haley reassured her supporters that she is committed to staying in the White House race despite pressure from certain Republicans. She confidently stated, “I’m in this for the long haul.”

Haley’s fundraising efforts on the West Coast yield impressive results

South Carolina holds a special place in Haley’s heart, and she has garnered strong support from the state’s governor, the majority of the congressional delegation, and numerous state and local officials.

Dave Wilson, a seasoned South Carolina-based Republican consultant, emphasized the significant support that Trump has garnered in the state. Wilson specifically highlighted the former president’s strong grassroots movement and the dedicated volunteers on the ground.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley greeted a crowd with a friendly wave during a campaign event at New Realm Brewing Co. on February 4, 2024, in Charleston, South Carolina. The AP captured the moment in a photo taken by Sean Rayford.

According to Wilson, Nikki Haley is making a fresh impression on South Carolina as there has been a significant influx of nearly a million people into the state since her tenure as governor.

Nikki Haley should never be underestimated, as she has an undefeated electoral record. Despite any challenges she may face, one should never count her out.

Haley emphasized the importance of South Carolina, Michigan, and Super Tuesday as our primary targets moving forward.

Nikki Haley opened up to Fox Digital about her plans to continue running and what she needs to do in order to achieve that.

As the South Carolina Republican primary wraps up, Michigan is gearing up for its primary on Tuesday, Feb. 27. Following closely behind is Super Tuesday, just a week later, when a total of fifteen states, including California and Texas, will hold their own contests.

Haley made her inaugural campaign stops in California on Wednesday, marking her first visit to any of the Super Tuesday states.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, a former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina governor, enthusiastically signs autographs for supporters after a campaign rally at American Legion Hollywood Post 43 on February 7, 2024 in Los Angeles. (Fox News/Paul Steinhauser)

During her two days in California, Haley managed to raise an impressive $1.7 million through a series of fundraisers. This successful trip not only showcased her ability to connect with donors but also highlighted her strong fundraising skills. As reported by Fox News Digital, Haley’s efforts were highly fruitful, demonstrating her effectiveness in generating financial support for her cause.

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According to Haley, the campaign has been financially savvy and strategic.

She emphasized the importance of managing one’s finances, stating that if you don’t handle your money well, you won’t be able to stand up against Donald Trump. Therefore, she affirmed that they are dedicated to ensuring they have the necessary resources.

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