Trump Says He Intentionally Kept His Distance From The DC GOP Primary After Haley’s Victory

Former President Trump shrugged off his defeat in the Washington, D.C. GOP primary on Sunday. He responded to Nikki Haley’s claim of victory in the first primary of the season by stating that there was no benefit in participating in the race.

“I intentionally avoided getting involved with the D.C. Vote because it’s a political arena filled with few delegates and no real advantages,” stated Trump on Truth Social recently. He further criticized Birdbrain for dedicating all her resources in that area. However, we were able to secure significant victories in Missouri, Idaho, and Michigan over the weekend, completely dismantling a weak opponent. The true triumphs will come on Super Tuesday.”

In the D.C. GOP primary, Haley secured a commanding victory with 62.8 percent of the vote, leaving Trump trailing behind with 33.3 percent, as reported by Decision Desk HQ results. This crucial race took place right before the highly anticipated Super Tuesday contests.

Haley’s victory was met with criticism from Trump’s campaign press secretary, who labeled her as the “Queen of the Swamp.”

“Tonight’s results in Washington D.C. reinforce the core objective of President Trump’s campaign – to drain the swamp and prioritize America’s interests,” stated press secretary Karoline Leavitt on Sunday via X, the platform formerly referred to as Twitter.”


According to the statement, Nikki has faced rejection in other parts of the country. However, she has recently been crowned as the “Queen of the Swamp” by lobbyists and insiders in Washington, D.C. who are determined to defend the existing system. The speaker suggests that the swamp has found its representative in Nikki.

In a late Sunday tweet, Trump criticized Haley for renouncing her commitment to support the GOP nominee as per the Republican National Committee’s loyalty pledge.

According to Haley, the party has undergone changes since she made a commitment to support the eventual nominee.

Haley expressed that the RNC has undergone significant changes since she made her promise, emphasizing that it is no longer the same as before. She also stated that she still harbors serious concerns regarding Trump’s candidacy.

In a recent statement, she commented on Trump’s announcement of a selection of RNC leadership candidates, which notably included his daughter-in-law.

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