TSA Mandates Facial Scans for Migrants Without Passports to Board Flights

The TSA has silently started implementing a new regulation that mandates migrants without government identification to undergo facial recognition technology when traveling domestically. The installation date of this rule has not been disclosed by the TSA, but numerous individuals attempting to board their flights in South Texas have reported being redirected. Traditionally, Border Control has provided migrants with documents enabling them to board flights, as stated by Rev. Brian Strassburger, the executive director of Del Camino Jesuit Border Ministries, an advocacy group offering assistance to migrants in Texas. This sudden policy change has caused significant distress among people. It is crucial for migrants in the U.S. to have convenient access to flights in order to reunite with their families and report to the designated cities where Border Patrol processes them. The TSA informed the Associated Press that if migrants’ identity cannot be matched with DHS records, they will be denied entry into secure areas of the airport and prohibited from boarding.

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