U.S. Coast Guard And British sailors seize 6,000 pounds of cocaine in Caribbean Sea

The U.S. Coast Guard and a British warship successfully apprehended a significant amount of cocaine in a high-speed chase on the Caribbean Sea near the U.S. Virgin Islands. Officials announced on Monday that they had recovered approximately 6,000 pounds of cocaine, valued at around $280 million on the street.

According to a statement by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense, British sailors on the HMS Trent and an American patrol aircraft pursued and ultimately intercepted a drug-smuggling boat as its crew started discarding its cargo into the water.

HMS Trent has made its second drug bust in just three weeks, following its successful seizure of $90 million worth of cocaine in January.

In an exciting announcement, the HMS Trent revealed that they have achieved their second successful drug bust. The post on X proudly exclaimed, “Drugs bust #2 for Trent!” Accompanied by captivating photos of the coordinated effort, the post further stated, “The running total seized is now 8,031 pounds, which is worth over $380 million.” This impressive accomplishment showcases the dedication and effectiveness of the HMS Trent in combatting drug trafficking.

The Ministry stated that during a high-speed chase, the smugglers attempted to unload their illegal cargo, but the Royal Marines coxswains and the USCG boarding team swiftly closed in, gaining control of the vessel and apprehending four crew members.


The crew of the HMS Trent tirelessly searched a 24 square-mile area of the Caribbean Sea for 10 hours. Their relentless efforts paid off as they successfully recovered nearly 2,000 pounds of cocaine that had been discarded into the water.

Commanding Officer Tim Langford commended the British and U.S. crews for their exceptional work, although the exact date and origin of the drug seizure were not disclosed.

“The ship and its crew have achieved remarkable success in the past nine months, and it is truly inspiring to witness the incredible dedication and hard work of this exceptional team being rewarded,” Langford stated. “The team, along with our colleagues from the USCG, take great pride in their accomplishments.”

The White House report reveals that the Caribbean Sea is a major hub for illegal drug trafficking.

In January, a ship en route to Humacao, Puerto Rico, was intercepted by federal agents who seized over a ton of cocaine on board.

“The Royal Navy’s recent operation delivers a strong message: we are determined to disrupt and dismantle drug traffickers worldwide,” declared Grant Shapps, the U.K. Secretary of State for Defense, on Monday.

“We are committed to ensuring that individuals who attempt to profit from the sale of illegal drugs are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

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