UAW members at GM to receive $12,250 profit-sharing checks: ‘They do great work’

As Western New York’s union General Motors employees celebrate the news of their $12,250 profit-sharing checks, a top executive from the company expresses optimism about the future of local auto workers.

Gerald Johnson, GM’s executive vice president of global manufacturing and sustainability, proudly highlighted the company’s commitment to investing $500 million in its plants in Tonawanda, Lockport, and Rochester. These investments are aimed at preparing the facilities for the upcoming shift to electric vehicles.

According to Johnson, every employee is encouraged to join the EV journey. He emphasizes the value of their skills and experience, stating that their collective knowledge, gained over thousands of years at various facilities, is crucial in producing quality products. This applies not only to Lockport, Rochester, and Tonawanda, but to all locations.

Johnson commended the dedication and expertise of the local employees, who were rewarded for their hard work with substantial salary increases and additional perks through a newly established contract, which was ratified after a 40-day strike.

‘Takes a lot of stress off of my body’: Lockport GM employee shares life after UAW contract agreement


The UAW contract agreement has brought a significant relief to the lives of Lockport GM employees. One of the employees, who wishes to remain anonymous, expresses their gratitude for the positive impact it has had on their physical well-being. They state, “It takes a lot of stress off of my body.”

This employee’s statement highlights the immense pressure and strain that workers often experience in their daily lives. The UAW contract agreement has not only provided them with improved working conditions but has also alleviated the physical toll that comes with the job. The employee’s words serve as a testament to the positive changes that have taken place since the agreement was reached.

It is important to recognize the significance of the UAW contract agreement in the lives of these workers. The agreement has not only addressed their immediate concerns but has also created a more favorable working environment for them. This employee’s experience serves as a reminder of the impact that such agreements can have on individuals and their overall well-being.

“We believe in acknowledging our employees for their valuable contributions to the success of General Motors, and that is precisely what we aimed to achieve during the negotiations,” stated Johnson.

According to an article in the Detroit Free Press, approximately 45,000 hourly workers in the United States are set to receive a profit-sharing check. These checks have the potential to reach a maximum amount of $12,250.

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