Unanswered questions surround deadly crime spree spanning two counties

Over the weekend, a tragic series of events unfolded across two counties, resulting in the loss of one teenager’s life and leaving several others injured.

The authorities have not made any arrests at this time.

Eufaula Police Chief Danny Christ reported two additional incidents on Sunday where homes were shot at, but thankfully no injuries occurred. One of these incidents involved an officer.

Eufaula and Barbour County schools made the decision to close on Monday in response to the shooting incident involving Hill.

Sheriff Eric Blankenship of Henry County reported that a field party on Saturday night resulted in four people being wounded and others sustaining injuries.


According to Blankenship, parties that require cover charges have become problematic, and he is hopeful that county leaders will take into account the need for guidelines.

According to the sheriff, he cannot dismiss the possibility of a connection between the shootings in Henry County and the incidents in Eufaula until the investigation progresses.

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