Unconventional Activities and Restrictions Involving Squirrels in Missouri

I must confess, I am quite fond of squirrels. Nevertheless, I do recognize that they can sometimes become a bother. Interestingly, the state of Missouri has a comprehensive set of guidelines outlining what is permissible and what is not when it comes to these adorable creatures. Let’s delve into the interesting rules and regulations surrounding these nut-loving animals.

Just to clarify, the following list of squirrel do’s and don’ts is not my personal compilation. It is directly sourced from the Missouri Department of Conservation. The extensive nature of this list suggests that individuals in Missouri have attempted various questionable activities involving squirrels. (*ahem*)

Let’s start with the don’ts

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, it is important to dismiss the old wives’ tale suggesting the use of mothballs in attics or crawl spaces to deter squirrels. The department advises against this method due to the toxic nature of the naphthalene found in mothballs. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to use mothballs for this purpose.

According to experts, it is advised not to rely on commercial spray-on repellents. They argue that the effectiveness of these products is questionable, and they become useless after being exposed to heavy rainfall.

Using body-gripping traps is not recommended.


Now let’s mention the things Missouri will let you do to squirrels

If you’re dealing with troublesome squirrels in Missouri, it’s highly recommended to reach out to professional wildlife removers. They specialize in employing humane methods to safely remove squirrels from your property.

The state of Missouri permits the shooting of squirrels with BB guns, but it has always struck me as rather harsh. Personally, I would refrain from doing so, but ultimately, the decision is up to you.

During deer hunting season, Missouri adds this activity to its list of things to do.

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