Unnoticeable tremor: 4.4 magnitude earthquake hits California coast with minimal impact

Southern California residents were jolted awake by an earthquake that struck off the coast on January 15, 2024. The earthquake, measuring 4.4 magnitude, occurred at 2:44 a.m. precisely. According to the U.S. Geological Survey’s event page, the temblor was located 61 miles south of Avalon and 69 miles west-southwest of San Diego.

Thankfully, there were no reported injuries or damage caused by the earthquake. The quake had a depth of over 13 miles, which brought some relief to the affected regions.

The interactive map from the U.S. Geological Survey shows that the shockwaves reached densely populated areas, including San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles counties. Although the earthquake itself didn’t cause any damage, it serves as a reminder of the ongoing seismic activity in the region.

It is important for residents to stay informed about earthquake preparedness and have emergency plans in place to ensure their safety during such events.

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