Unprepared Washington State Drivers Create Chaos on the Roads During Winter

Winter has arrived in Washington State, and despite the chilly weather, a significant number of people are ill-equipped to handle driving in snowstorms and other wintry conditions. To ensure the safety of everyone on the road, it is crucial to be adequately prepared if you plan on driving during such conditions.

Being unprepared can have serious consequences, including severe and life-threatening injuries. When drivers are not adequately prepared, they may struggle to navigate icy roads, which significantly increases the risk of a crash. When embarking on a winter driving trip, it is crucial to begin by thoroughly clearing your vehicle of all snow and ice. This is essential to ensure optimal visibility in challenging winter conditions.

Before you start any trip, make sure to check that all of your fluids are filled up to the proper levels. Ensure that your vehicle is equipped with high-quality snow tires or all-season tires, along with a complete set of chains that are specifically designed for your tires.

Always have an emergency kit in your vehicle. Make sure it includes flares or a flashing light to alert other drivers in case your car breaks down. Make sure to include some high-protein snacks, blankets for each person in the vehicle, water for each person, and any other emergency supplies like an extra dose of medication in your emergency kit. Don’t forget to include a first aid kit as well.

Before stepping out of your house, it is always prudent to check the weather reports. Weather conditions can be highly unpredictable and can change rapidly. Therefore, ensuring that you have the most accurate and up-to-date weather report is essential.


If you have never driven on snow or ice before, it is important to remember a few key tips. First and foremost, drive at a slower speed than usual to ensure better control of your vehicle. Additionally, avoid sudden braking, as this can cause your car to skid.

It is also advisable to give yourself extra time to reach your destination, as driving conditions may be more challenging. Finally, maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and others on the road to allow for any unexpected stops or maneuvers.

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