Unwanted Dog in Wyoming Finds a Home Just in Time for Christmas

If only Hallmark Christmas movies could be this amazing.

One morning last week, Shelby Joyce opened her phone to catch up on the news. To her surprise, she came across a heartwarming story on Cowboy State Daily about a dog with a unique lopsided head that had been overlooked by potential adopters.

Martha, a 2-year-old mix of shepherd and pit bull, found herself at an animal rescue facility in Cheyenne earlier this year as a stray. Despite her impressive performance in an obedience program, Martha was overlooked by numerous rescuers who chose other dogs.

The staff at Black Dog Animal Rescue issued a heartfelt plea for help, touched by the situation.

The rescue group distributed a statement that said, “Wyoming’s most unattractive dog is going to spend Christmas without a home. Nonetheless,”.


Shelby Joyce, a resident of Georgetown, Colorado, expressed her belief that there is no such thing as a homely dog. In her opinion, all dogs are perfect.

The staff at Black Dog believed that Martha’s crooked face was hindering her chances of being adopted, regardless of whether it was considered perfect or not.

It remains uncertain whether her lack of a home is a result of a birth defect or trauma.

‘I jumped out of bed’

Quillbot rewrites the given paragraph to say, “I jumped out of bed.”

Joyce was motivated into taking action, determined to put an end to Martha’s 214-day wait for a home.

Joyce exclaimed that she immediately got out of bed one morning at around 5:30 am. Without even having her first cup of coffee, she went straight to her family room and filled out the adoption application.

Joyce felt a strong sense of destiny when she read the story. It was as if the words on the page were telling her that her path was meant to cross with Martha’s.

“I had this overwhelming sensation that we were meant to be together,” she expressed.

Joyce acknowledges that it is a common sentiment that she shares. She has a strong desire to rescue and protect every single dog.

“I would love to buy a large piece of land and rescue a bunch of dogs if I ever won the lottery,” she expressed.

Although she is currently unable to do so, she believed that Martha was within her grasp.

Joyce initiated the application, sparking an email conversation with Black Dog. Subsequently, the exchange of emails progressed into a phone call.

Come visit us soon.

As she embarked on her journey to run errands in Denver, she received a call inviting her to come up for a visit.

Joyce was asked if she could make it up to Cheyenne on that day, accompanied by her two dogs – an 8-year-old pit bull and a 6-year-old pug mix.

She immediately turned around, picked up her dogs, and drove to Wyoming, making the 2 1/2-hour journey to Cheyenne.

Joyce revealed that she experienced love at first sight, emphasizing that it was actually love even before that initial moment.

“It was simply a feeling in my heart,” she expressed. “I had already fallen in love with her even before laying eyes on her.”

According to Joyce, she was informed that there were numerous applicants interested in Martha. However, the process of finding the ideal home for Martha was taking longer than usual, particularly in her case.

According to Cowboy State Daily, Paige Russell, the Marketing and Development Manager for Black Dog, mentioned that Martha’s foster caretaker took on the responsibility of screening the applicants due to the significant amount of time she had spent with the dog.

“The foster explained that Shelby was chosen because she appeared to be the most friendly and suitable companion,” Russell explained. “She possessed all the qualities we were seeking, including other dog friends, a designated play area for Martha if she desired, and positive references attesting to her ability to interact well with her existing pets.”

Tears of joy quickly followed.

“I was in tears as we walked in from the yard and they informed me that everything was set,” she shared emotionally. “The entire room erupted in cheers.”

A Dream Home

Martha has been thriving in her new home ever since that day. Based on the numerous photos that have been taken of her, it is evident that her future is looking incredibly promising.

Martha is clearly loving her new Christmas sweaters and her cozy spot on a bean bag with her new siblings. She was showered with tons of toys for Christmas, but her favorite seems to be a stuffed unicorn.

In addition to that, she has the opportunity to take multiple walks every day with her furry friends. On top of that, she sometimes gets to join her mom at work.

Joyce is employed at a dog-friendly restaurant in Idaho Springs, where she has the privilege of bringing her dog, Martha, who is now affectionately known as “Princess Martha.”

Joyce exclaimed that the little one is bound to be pampered, adding that she already is.

More Adoptions Needed

Joyce expressed her hope that the story of Princess Martha’s adoption would lead to more deserving dogs finding loving homes.

She said that instead of spending thousands of dollars on top breeds, people can adopt an amazing dog from a shelter and provide it with an incredible home.

Black Dog Animal Rescue is currently hosting an adoption drive at their facility throughout the month of December. As part of this initiative, there is a 25% reduction in adoption fees for adult dogs.

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