Volunteers of Meals on Wheels strive to deliver meals to those in need

BRYN MAWR, Pa. (AIEXPRESS) – Volunteers in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, were working tirelessly on Thursday to ensure that meals were delivered to those in need. With the forecast predicting snowy roads on Friday, one Meals on Wheels group proactively prepared to overcome any challenges that may arise.

Pam Borowsky, a dedicated volunteer at Mainline Meals on Wheels Bryn Mawr, diligently ensures that individuals experiencing food insecurity receive the support they need.

Recently, she made a significant impact by delivering bags filled with essential food items to the residents of Ardmore House apartments. However, as Friday’s deliveries approached, Pam couldn’t help but feel concerned about the upcoming distribution.

Borowsky emphasized the potential hazards of icy walkways and roads, highlighting the significance of providing a warm meal to those in need.She is fully prepared to make an appearance regardless.

According to Cindy Auslander, a fellow volunteer, getting an early start in the day should be beneficial.Auslander said that arriving at 10 o’clock is a better option as the roads are not as bad at that time.


In Lower Merion, the snow poses a manageable challenge for officials. However, just eight miles away in Chester County, Meals on Wheels officials are facing a much greater obstacle due to the heavy snowfall.

Julie Kanto, from the Devon Meals on Wheels, expressed concerns about neighborhoods that experience slow snow plowing and residents who struggle to clear their driveways and sidewalks due to physical limitations.

According to Kanto, the volunteers have decided to cancel Friday’s deliveries due to the weather forecast.Kanto explained that they decided to prioritize the safety of their volunteers by completing the task of removing everything today.

She expresses her excitement over the preparedness of the kitchen staff.”We had already made preparations for the winter a few days ago, and we cooked a hearty meal, which we later stored in the freezer,” Kanto explained.

According to Kanto, the group faced difficulties in delivering their services during the storm on Tuesday.Clients received what Meals on Wheels refers to as “snow packs,” which contained non-perishable food items.

According to Kanto, if it weren’t for these packs or the double deliveries, some of our customers would not have access to food. This is a situation that this group is determined to prevent.

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