Wanted serial thief in Southern California Target amasses $39,000 worth of stolen goods

Despite appealing for assistance in October, the serial burglar believed to be responsible for a series of thefts from Target stores across Southern California is still on the loose, intensifying his criminal activities.

According to the Irvine Police Department, Target has now estimated a loss of $39,000. The latest incidents involve the suspect stealing iPads and swiftly fleeing the stores.

Law enforcement is seeking the assistance of the public in identifying an individual. If you happen to recognize the man depicted in the accompanying images or possess any information regarding these thefts, kindly get in touch with the Irvine Police Department via the provided email address: mricci@cityofirvine.

The Irvine Police Department places great emphasis on the significance of community involvement in upholding public safety.

It is important for residents to stay alert and report any unusual or suspicious behavior they may observe.


With the community’s support, law enforcement is working diligently to catch the serial burglar and bring an end to the series of thefts that have been targeting Target stores in the region.

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