Weather forecast for Northern California: Dry conditions followed by rain before powerful storm hits later

Throughout the week, the National Weather Service presents an overview of the weather forecast for the San Francisco Bay Area. The report reveals a combination of dry periods and expected rainfall.

After a weakening weather system moved away, the region is now experiencing drier northwest flow, resulting in better conditions.

Satellite images reveal a decrease in cloud cover from the previous day, leading to more sunshine and a noticeable increase in temperatures. It is anticipated that afternoon temperatures will climb to the upper 50s to mid-60s across most regions.

As we move into the next few days, we can expect dry and seasonal weather conditions as high pressure takes control. However, there may be some lingering moisture in the lower atmosphere tonight, which could result in patchy fog. In certain areas, this fog might be denser, so it’s important to exercise caution if you’re planning to travel in these conditions. The National Weather Service advises staying alert and being mindful of reduced visibility caused by fog.

The weather is expected to change as an upper-level low pressure system develops, replacing the relatively calm conditions created by the upper-level ridging. This system will move through the Pacific Northwest, and its associated front is predicted to pass over California. As a result, the state can expect light to moderate rainfall from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday morning, with the North Bay likely receiving the highest amount of precipitation.


After a brief break from rain on Wednesday and Thursday, the weather becomes more interesting with the development of a deep low over the Eastern Pacific on Friday. This low is expected to bring in sub-tropical moisture, leading to a surge of moisture along the West Coast. Consequently, we can expect more significant and widespread rainfall starting on Friday and lasting through the weekend.

The forecast for rain amounts may change in the next few days, but there is growing confidence in a wetter weather pattern.

According to the Experimental Hazard Outlook from the Weather Prediction Center (WPC), the National Weather Service is predicting heavy precipitation in California from January 20-22.

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