West Side Residents Celebrate As IMPD Shuts Down Illegal Nightclub

Aiexpress – Residents of Lupine Drive on the west side of Indianapolis finally got to enjoy a peaceful weekend after enduring over a year of noise and disturbances caused by an illegal nightclub operating in their neighborhood.

On Friday, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department made a significant discovery. They uncovered over 1,200 bottles of beer, liquor, and wine, along with drugs and documents that provided evidence of an illegal nightclub operation.

Two homeowners residing near the residence-turned-illegal nightclub have expressed their concerns to FOX59/CBS4, choosing to remain anonymous. Both individuals have shared that they fear potential retaliation from their neighbors.

“It is incredibly frustrating,” expressed a long-time neighbor with a tinge of anger.

According to IMPD, once the nearby bars closed, the parties would commence. The organizers of these illegal nightclubs would actively seek out individuals from the bars and persuade them to attend the gatherings at the house. As a result, the parties at the house would typically kick off around 3 a.m.


Another neighbor complained about the loud music, saying, “It’s just blaring.”

According to both neighbors, the streets would be lined with cars in the early morning hours almost every weekend, as the house became crowded with people who came to keep the night going.

“We always have to be on our toes during the weekends,” emphasized the second neighbor we interviewed.

Upon entering the residence, law enforcement officers discovered a well-stocked bar in the garage, complete with an array of alcoholic beverages prepared for the upcoming weekend. Captured images provide a glimpse into the assortment of supplies present within the bar area.

We spoke to our first neighbor who mentioned that she had previously seen the bar when the garage door was open.

“The first neighbor we spoke to described it as a classic bar, the kind where you can lean on the counter or sit in a comfortable chair.”

According to IMPD, they have received over 40 calls for service at the address due to issues such as crowds, loud music, trash, and even gunshots. Both neighbors reported hearing and witnessing shots being fired outside the unlicensed nightclub.

“They were firing their guns at the sound barrier wall early in the morning around 3:30 or 4 o’clock,” recounted the first neighbor we interviewed. “The noise startled everyone in the neighborhood, leading to numerous 911 calls.”

“I quickly dropped to the floor, instinctively reaching for my cell phone. The sound was too close for comfort,” recounted the second neighbor.

They are now hopeful that such parties will not happen again.

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