Western New York Town Reports Hurricane Force Wind Gusts

As we dive into the first full work week of 2024, Mother Nature has chosen to make her mark by finally bringing winter to Western New York.

The past week and the upcoming week have been dominated by snow, rain, and wind, following a calm December. Forecasts predict that these weather conditions will continue in the coming week.

A powerful storm system is currently moving across the Midwest and northeast, bringing with it a mix of snow, rain, and strong winds.

A High Wind Warning has been issued for Western New York, and it will remain in effect until Wednesday. The region can expect strong wind gusts, with speeds potentially reaching the 70’s, though this threshold has already been surpassed.

Hurricane force winds, with gusts of up to 74 mph, have been reported in Dunkirk, making it a significant weather event in Western New York. Wind speeds exceeding 75 mph are classified as hurricane force, highlighting the intensity of the current conditions.


Wind gusts of up to 60 mph are forecasted along the shoreline of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, making it the area with the harshest winds. The City of Buffalo will experience the strongest gusts.

The National Weather Service has provided a timeline of wind gusts for your reference.

Driving conditions are expected to be challenging today, particularly on the expressways and thruway. It is advisable to drive at a slower pace and prioritize safety. Notably, there is a ban on empty and tandem trailers on the I-90 today, which serves a significant purpose in ensuring road safety.

Make sure to keep your phone charged in case there is a power outage. It’s also a good idea to have candles and flashlights prepared for emergencies.

Unfortunately, we can expect strong wind gusts to continue until tomorrow. Additionally, we should anticipate strong winds throughout the weekend, accompanied by the possibility of snow. However, the situation won’t be as severe as what we are experiencing now.

Winter has finally made its grand entrance.

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