Wisconsin Implements Controversial New Law On Deer Hunting – Outrage From Hunters

Aiexpress – A groundbreaking piece of legislation has been introduced in Northern Wisconsin to regulate deer hunting for the next four years. Representative Chanz Green and Senator Romaine Quinn have proposed this new law, aiming to revolutionize our approach to deer hunting in the region.

The legislation has two key objectives. Firstly, it seeks to prevent the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) from establishing a hunting season specifically for antlerless deer in the Northern Forest Zone, which spans from Douglas County to Oconto County. This proactive measure aims to protect the female deer population, which is vital for maintaining a healthy and sustainable deer population.

Secondly, the bill proposes restrictions on the number of antlered tags hunters can possess within the Northern Forest Zone. Hunters would be limited to one tag for a muzzle-loading firearm or a regular firearm, and one tag for bow hunting. This restriction is intended to prevent overhunting and ensure the male deer population remains robust.

Representative Chanz Green passionately expressed, “Deer hunting has been a tradition for generations in Northern Wisconsin. However, the declining deer population threatens these traditions. We want future generations to enjoy the tradition of hunting in Northern Wisconsin, and this bill is a positive step towards achieving that goal.”

Senator Romaine Quinn echoed these sentiments, stating, “We have received feedback from numerous constituents during various listening sessions, all expressing concerns about this year’s poor deer season. While there are many issues to debate within the hunting community, there is a clear consensus that we must act now to save and improve our deer herd. This bill is a critical first step towards achieving that objective.”


These restrictions are not permanent but will be in place for four years. At the end of this period, the DNR will reassess the deer population in the Northern Forest Zone. This flexible approach allows for the possibility of lifting restrictions if the deer population recovers sufficiently.

This legislation represents a bold and necessary initiative to preserve our deer populations and ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the tradition of hunting in Northern Wisconsin. It demonstrates our commitment to sustainable hunting practices and our respect for the natural world.

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