7-year-old Boy Speaks In Front Of Hundreds And Asks Tennessee Lawmakers To Change Gun Laws

Aiexpress – Hundreds of individuals gathered outside the Tennessee State Capitol on Tuesday, urging lawmakers to pass what they believe to be common sense gun laws.

Dozens of moms from Moms Demand Action joined forces with other gun reform organizations at Legislative Plaza, united in their call for lawmakers to prioritize the safety of children.

7-year-old Marco Vicencio Warbington wanted people to hear directly from a student like him.

“Hello, I’m Marco, a first-grade student at Shwab Elementary,” he announced to the crowd gathered in the plaza. “Playing hide and seek with my friends is one of my favorite activities, but I don’t enjoy hiding at school.”

Marco and his mother, Ashley Warbington, have been urging politicians to modify state gun restrictions for nearly a year.


“It’s the kids the legislators are not thinking about,” Ashley went on to say.

Marco addressed the largest gathering yet at Capitol Hill’s Gun Violence Prevention Day.

“It’s mixed emotions,” Ashley said. “I am so proud that he is able and willing to get up and speak in front of a crowd.”

While children across Tennessee continue to practice active shooter drills, hundreds of individuals are hoping that their voices will help take weapons away from those who shouldn’t have them in the first place.

“Even thinking about him maybe still being alive is dependent on him being quiet,” Ashley went on to say.

“We have a big fight that we need to keep fighting,” she said. “And the fact that so many people came out today for it was really remarkable. I’m so delighted I got to see that today.”

Many people proceeded to the Cordell Hull Building following the event to engage with MPs. With only about a month until the conclusion of the session, they are hoping for more time to talk and make changes.

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