A bizarre accident at a roller rink in New York State has gone viral

A shocking incident unfolded this week, captivating the entire population of New York State. The roller rink in Orchard Park became the center of attention as emergency crews swiftly responded to distress calls regarding a vehicle crashing into the building.

It’s a bustling week for roller rinks, museums, and other kid and family-friendly destinations. With Christmas week upon us and most schools closed, families are on the lookout for fun-filled activities. While the weather has been a mix of blessings and disappointments, with a shortage of snow for outdoor winter fun, there’s still plenty to enjoy indoors.

The accident at Frank Young’s Sports Arena and Roller Rink on North Buffalo Road occurred last Wednesday, seemingly in the early hours before anyone had started skating.

Reports and a Facebook post from Southtowns Scanner indicate that the accident may have occurred due to a medical issue.

EMS personnel attended to the driver, while firefighters assessed the extent of the structural damage to the building. They promptly requested a building inspector to evaluate the situation. The severity of the impact on the building’s structural support and the reopening date of the business are still uncertain.


Law enforcement agencies are gearing up for a busy weekend ahead as individuals make their way back from their holiday travels or prepare for New Year’s Eve festivities. In light of this, authorities in New York State are emphasizing the importance of safe driving and urging motorists to plan ahead for a secure journey back home.

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