Maryland Sheetz Sells $30,000 Winning Scratch-off

A Frederick County man received a delightful surprise this Christmas when he was gifted a winning scratch-off lottery ticket, making him $30,000 richer. According to the Maryland Lottery, the man explained that this was a long-standing tradition with his best friend. “We’ve been exchanging scratch-off tickets as Christmas gifts for years,” he shared with Lottery officials. “We usually get a winner or two, but nothing as big as this Peppermint Payout Multiplier ticket.”

Every year, these close friends and avid Lottery enthusiasts engage in a heartwarming tradition. They carefully select a few instant tickets as delightful surprises to be tucked into each other’s stockings. “It’s something we both enjoy, and it has become a cherished aspect of our holiday celebrations,” they share with joy. This cherished ritual takes place on Christmas Eve when the two friends from Thurmont come together to scratch their tickets. “And of course, we can’t forget the holiday-themed games, they add an extra touch of festive excitement.”

When the Frederick County man stumbled upon the five numbers that indicated he had won the top prize, he couldn’t help but feel skeptical. He couldn’t fathom the idea that he was actually holding $30,000 in his hands. However, upon closer inspection and verification by a friend, the win became more certain. It was the Lottery app his friend used that completely eliminated any doubt. The excitement was so overwhelming that they couldn’t help but yell in celebration for quite some time.

The fortunate resident of Thurmont has big plans for his newfound wealth – he intends to use his winnings to finally rid himself of the burden of debt that has been weighing on him for years. With this financial weight lifted, he can look forward to a brighter future. In addition to the winner’s good fortune, the Sheetz #200 store on 428 N. Church Street in Thurmont, which sold the winning ticket, will also share in the joy of the holiday season. As a token of appreciation for their role in this happy story, the store will receive a $300 bonus.

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