American Woman Disappears In Madrid After Helmeted Man Disables Surveillance Cameras

Aiexpress – Ana Maria Knezevic flew from South Florida to Spain in December to escape for a bit. Her family and friends claim the naturalized American, originally from Colombia, has been going through a difficult divorce from her Serbian husband, but the trip was also an opportunity to explore other locations.

Two weeks ago, she disappeared after a man wearing a motorcycle helmet disabled the security cameras at her Madrid apartment building by spray painting the lenses. The following day, two friends received individual text messages, one in English and one in Spanish, from her phone stating that she was running away for a few days with a man she had recently met.

According to Sanna Rameau, the friend who received the English text, Ana would never engage in such unsafe and reckless behavior. She firmly believes that the emotionless style of the message does not reflect Ana’s usual way of communicating. In fact, Sanna even suspects that the Spanish message may have been written in English and then translated using Google Translate due to its flat tone.

Rameau expressed his confusion to The Associated Press, stating, “It just didn’t make sense.”

Investigations have been launched by police in Madrid and Fort Lauderdale following notifications received from both sides of the Atlantic. The search status remains undisclosed by both agencies, who have chosen not to comment on the matter. Similarly, the American embassy in Madrid has also declined to provide any comments.


David and Ana Knezevic, a married couple, have been together for 13 years and are proud owners of EOX Technology Solutions Inc. This company specializes in providing computer support services to businesses in South Florida. In addition to their successful business, the Knezevics also own a home and two other properties in Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, one of these properties is currently undergoing foreclosure proceedings.

In an interview with a Fort Lauderdale detective, Juan Henao, Ana’s brother, described the divorce as “nasty,” according to a report.

According to the report, David is not pleased with the significant amount of money that is at stake and will be divided between the two parties.

The current whereabouts of David Knezevic remain unknown.

Henao informed the detective that he holds the belief that his brother-in-law made a trip back to his native country, Serbia, in January. Following Ana’s disappearance, Henao reached out to David via text, inquiring about her whereabouts. David replied with a casual “What’s up?” before disclosing to Henao that Ana was missing, which Henao had already been aware of. Henao stated that there was no additional information provided by David beyond that.

Henao expressed his hope that the international attention garnered will result in Ana becoming a primary focus for the police.

He expressed his determination to continue pushing forward, hoping that this would compel others to provide more assistance in locating his sister.

According to Rameau, Ana never expressed any fear towards her husband or indicated that he was abusive.

Rameau mentioned that she never expressed any sense of danger to him.

On February 2nd, around 9:30 p.m., the man wearing a helmet took action to disable the security cameras at the apartment complex. Surprisingly, this crucial information remained unknown to those who were desperately searching for Ana for nearly a week. Approximately half an hour after the incident, Ana had an ordinary phone conversation with a friend. According to neighbors, this was the last time they saw her.

A minute later, another text message came through. It read, “Yesterday, after my therapy session, I felt the need to take a walk. And there, on the street, he approached me! It was an incredible connection, one that I have never experienced before.”

The Spanish friend received texts that seemed to have been translated by a computer.

Rameau and her Spanish friend became concerned when they couldn’t reach the woman, so they decided to contact the police. Worried about her well-being, firefighters were dispatched to her apartment to conduct a wellness check. Upon inspection, they found no signs of anything out of the ordinary, according to Rameau.

Madrid police have announced their intention to launch an investigation after the woman failed to appear for her planned Barcelona trip. In an effort to gather more information, detectives requested permission from a Spanish judge to search her phone records and apartment. However, as there wasn’t sufficient evidence of a crime, their request was denied.

On February 8, Rameau and the Spanish friend made their way to her building and had a conversation with a clerk, who informed them about the helmeted man who was busy painting the cameras. As soon as they received this information, they wasted no time in alerting the police.

Ana’s family and friends are eagerly awaiting news.

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