An investigation is underway after a Miami inmate became pregnant.-Dade County Jail

Authorities in Miami-Dade County are currently investigating the circumstances behind an incident where an inmate, who was being held without bond at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, became pregnant last month.

Daisy Link, 28, is currently in custody at TGK on charges of second-degree murder. Additionally, she is facing charges of battery by a detainee on a visitor or another detainee, according to jail records.

Juan Diasgranados, the Public Affairs Manager for Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation, informed MDCR staff on December 23 that the inmate had expressed concerns about a possible pregnancy.

Afterwards, she underwent a comprehensive medical examination, which confirmed her pregnancy, he stated.

According to Diasgranados, the well-being, security, and recovery of individuals under our supervision are of utmost importance to us. In an email to Local 10 News, he emphasized that there is currently no evidence of sexual assault against our inmate. However, we are actively investigating the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy.


Local 10 News recently received an anonymous tip alleging that Link had become pregnant by another inmate, prior to receiving the statement from MDCR.

According to the tipster, the male inmate resides on the top floor, while Link is situated on the floor below.

According to the source, Link and the male inmate have never had any direct physical contact or visual interaction. However, it is common for inmates to communicate with one another through the ventilation system.

During an interview with Local 10 News reporter Cody Weddle, Link’s sister, Crystal Barreto, expressed her disbelief in the rumors surrounding her sister’s pregnancy. Barreto is calling for a comprehensive investigation to determine the truth behind what happened.

Barreto emphasized that the woman deserves her right to due process and expressed disappointment in the lack of support she received initially. He pointed out that she was ridiculed and dismissed when she sought help, and no efforts were made to investigate the truth or provide her with proper medical care. It was only after reaching out to the media, despite being advised against it, that any assistance was offered. Barreto criticized the authorities for now attempting to create various explanations for what occurred, instead of focusing on helping the woman.

The authorities at MDCR have yet to confirm the identity of the individual responsible for Link’s pregnancy or the circumstances surrounding her becoming pregnant.

According to Diasgranados, the MDCR prioritizes the safety and well-being of pregnant inmates, their unborn children, and staff members in their custody. They have established healthcare procedures to ensure proper care during pregnancy. Pregnant inmates receive timely and appropriate prenatal care, including specialized obstetrical services if necessary. Housing assignments for pregnant inmates are made in consultation with Correctional Health Services, taking into consideration any recommendations from the inmate’s outside obstetrician. The MDCR is committed to providing the necessary support for pregnant inmates and their postpartum recovery.

The arrest report did not mention any motive for the shooting.

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