Andrew Cuomo strategizes comeback by criticizing Biden’s border policies

Here he comes, ready to save the day!

In true fashion, Andrew Cuomo, known for his assertiveness and unwavering confidence, recently took a sharp jab at Joe Biden and the Democratic Party for their handling of the border crisis caused by illegal immigration.

In a recent article for The Hill, former Governor Bigfoot sheds light on the chaos caused by the migrant issue in the country. He emphasizes that this issue not only exposes the ineffectiveness of the Democratic Party but also reveals the internal divisions within the party.

In other words, Cuomo’s message was impossible for political professionals across the country to overlook. He made a statement that carried significant weight on two different levels.

He continued to express his disappointment, stating that the Biden administration has been unable to effectively address the migrant issue. He attributed this failure to the conflicting views within their own party.


Biden’s plummeting popularity, including his fecklessness, bad faith, and cowardice, has been a topic of discussion lately. Surprisingly, a recent poll even showed him trailing behind Donald Trump among Hispanic voters. It was inevitable that someone would eventually step forward to voice these concerns on behalf of the public.

Why not consider a Democrat with a prominent national presence, brimming with ambition and having everything to gain? It is worth noting that Cuomo’s core message is undeniably true.

Substituting “Mayor Eric Adams” for “President Biden” in Cuomo’s diagnosis offers a clearer understanding of the situation. Cuomo’s approach is centered around self-serving tough love, with a strong emphasis on serving his own interests. Recently, he administered a significant measure of this approach.

It’s quite intriguing to see Andrew Cuomo being the one to challenge the president. This raises two very obvious questions: Why him? And where has Eric Adams been hiding all this time?

Fair? Forget about fair because in the realm of politics, fairness is often a foreign concept.

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Cuomo criticizes Biden and the Democrats for lacking a clear border policy or plan, as speculation circulates about his potential bid for the mayor of New York City.

This particular scenario is undeniably captivating, as it involves a search for a savior.

And when it comes to saviors looking for a situation, Andrew Cuomo always manages to deliver. (Who could forget those windbreakers during weather crises?)

According to a recent article in The Hill, Mayor Eric Adams finds himself in a rather isolated position.

He definitely does, but perhaps not just as a solitary hero, rather as an incredibly enticing target.

Cuomo arrives at the conversation with a significant amount of baggage, comparable to a mule train. Recently, federal authorities reminded New Yorkers about the sexual harassment accusations that played a role in his resignation. Additionally, it is difficult to bring up Cuomo without someone mentioning the unfortunate passing of his grandmother.

Andrew’s words, although aligning with party principles as he identifies himself as a proud progressive, seem to be setting the stage for a potential mayoral primary challenge in 2025.

But why does it matter?

The nation, especially New York, is currently experiencing a monumental failure in public policy, and the one Democrat who is fearlessly speaking out against political power is Andrew Mark Cuomo.

And that should definitely count for something.

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