Free medication available for 8 weeks to assist individuals in quitting tobacco

In an effort to assist individuals in quitting all tobacco products, a counseling service in Wisconsin has decided to increase its offering of free medication by fourfold.

According to Dr. Michael Fiore, the Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line has been providing eligible tobacco users with two weeks of medication, such as nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges, or nicotine gum, through mail since 2008.

During an appearance on WPR’s “The Larry Meiller Show,” Fiore emphasized the availability of additional funding from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. This funding enables eligible tobacco users to receive eight weeks of medication at no cost.

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The program started on January 1 and will continue until the supply runs out.

According to Professor Fiore, a renowned expert in medicine and the founder of the Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, there are approximately 650,000 individuals in Wisconsin who smoke. If these smokers fail to quit using tobacco products, Fiore warns that roughly fifty percent of them will suffer premature death due to smoking-related diseases.


According to him, quitting smoking is the most effective way for individuals to enhance their current and future health.

To receive an eight-week supply of the medicine, eligible recipients can simply reach out through various channels. They can call 800-QUIT-NOW, send a text message saying “Ready” to 34191, or visit The medicine will be conveniently delivered to their homes, without the need for a prescription.

Research has demonstrated that individuals who make multiple attempts to quit tobacco products have a higher chance of achieving success, according to Fiore.

According to him, individuals who adhere to the medication for a duration of eight weeks have a significantly higher likelihood of successfully quitting.

How nicotine works in the brain

Cigarette smoke contains over 5,000 different chemicals, with 50 of them being cancer-causing or carcinogenic.

According to Fiore, it is crucial to acknowledge that the act of burning tobacco involves combustion, which leads to the creation of numerous chemicals, including carcinogens. In an email, Fiore stated, “It’s the chemical byproducts produced through combustion, rather than any other factor, that contribute to the lethal nature of tobacco smoke.”

When a person inhales smoke from a cigarette, the nicotine present in it quickly travels through the lungs and reaches the brain, according to Fiore. Within a mere 10 seconds, the nicotine attaches itself to neuroreceptors in the brain, reinforcing the addiction.

Nicotine patches play a crucial role in assisting the body in gradually receiving nicotine while individuals struggling with tobacco addiction concentrate on overcoming the habitual aspect of their dependence.

According to Fiore, once individuals successfully break the habit, they can gradually reduce their dependence on nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges.

If you find it challenging to stop using nicotine replacements, Fiore suggests mixing nicotine gum with a spicy gum like Big Red. Start by reducing the amount of nicotine gum and gradually increasing the amount of spicy gum until you are only using the spicy gum.

If nicotine replacement medication hasn’t been effective for certain individuals, there is an alternative option called Chantix, also known as varenicline. Chantix is a prescription drug that comes in the form of a twice-a-day pill. It works by deceiving the brain into believing that it is receiving nicotine, thereby assisting in reducing cravings.

Fiore urged individuals to take advantage of the present moment as an excellent opportunity to quit smoking, regardless of their past attempts. He emphasized that their team is fully prepared to provide all the necessary support and assistance throughout the quitting process.

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