Animal shelter urges pet owners to take responsibility as it grapples with overwhelming requests to abandon dogs: ‘Improve your behavior’

Last week, an Ohio humane society called out pet owners in a viral social media post as they grapple with an overwhelming number of callers seeking to abandon their dogs at the shelter.

The Fulton County Humane Society recently took to Facebook to express their frustration and deliver a strong message to pet owners. In a post, they urged pet owners to improve their behavior and be more responsible and compassionate towards their furry companions.

“The post starts by expressing concern about the overwhelming number of messages received each week from individuals seeking to surrender their dogs. These messages often cite reasons such as not having enough time for the dog, instances where the dog has harmed their cat or child, or restrictions on keeping pets in their current living situation. This surge in requests to give up dogs is a cause for alarm.”

“We are not responsible for the dog you selected and no longer find adorable because it has grown out of its puppy phase.”


The humane society emphasized that the message had been “long overdue.” They highlighted the need to prioritize their efforts towards pets whose owners pass away or fall ill, experience a house fire, or move into a long-term care facility.

According to the Fulton County Humane Society, owners have been surrendering shepherds, huskies, herding breeds, and pit mixes to shelters.

The shelter issued a stern warning, emphasizing the importance of commitment when it comes to owning a dog. They strongly advised against getting a dog if one cannot dedicate sufficient time to its care in the long run. Additionally, they urged individuals to respect their landlord’s rules and regulations regarding pet ownership, as failing to do so could result in eviction and the subsequent surrender of the dog.

Owning a dog may require you to hire a trainer, so it’s important to be financially prepared for this responsibility. When you decide to bring a dog into your life, you need to have the necessary resources in terms of time, money, and patience.

The shelter volunteer who made the post, which has been shared nearly 1,000 times since Wednesday, expressed a sense of satisfaction in her heart, according to WTVG.

Sarah Klopfenstein expressed that the current events have been deeply affecting everyone’s emotions.

Pet owners often share stories about their pets, recounting incidents from when they were young puppies to their current, more mature selves. For example, they might mention how their furry friends chewed up something valuable or chased after the family cat.

However, when faced with challenges like moving to a new place that doesn’t allow dogs, some pet owners fail to explore all possible solutions. Instead of reaching out to a veterinarian or a trainer for guidance, they jump to conclusions and assume there is no other option.

In an interview with the local news station, Stephanie Moore, the director of the shelter, expressed her concern about the current situation, describing it as “dire.”

Moore emphasized the need to be direct and assertive. He pointed out that in the past week alone, the humane society received 10 phone calls from individuals wanting to abandon their dogs for what seemed to be insufficient reasons.

The denunciation was met with widespread applause from the majority of Facebook users.

One commenter expressed that pets are akin to children and should not be given away just because they have grown older.

Another user expressed their agreement, stating, “I couldn’t agree more! Owning a dog is a lifelong commitment.”

However, there was concern among some users that this angry outburst might actually encourage unscrupulous individuals to abandon their dogs on the streets instead of responsibly taking them to a shelter.

The Humane Society responded by saying, “We can agree to disagree. There are times when it’s necessary to speak the truth and hold individuals accountable.”

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