Curfew to be enforced on migrants at four centers in NYC

From Tuesday onwards, a curfew will be implemented on 1,900 migrants who are residing in four centers in New York City. The centers are conveniently situated in Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Migrants are required to be present between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

If an individual violates the curfew on three separate occasions within a span of 30 days, they may face potential expulsion.

There are four centers that are worth mentioning:

The 35th Ave Astoria and Judo location can be found at 37-11 35th Street, Queens, NY 11106.

The Lincoln Manhattan is located at 31-33 W 110th St in New York City.


The JFK Respite Center, located at 197 North Boundary Rd. in Queens, NY 11427, is a haven for individuals seeking a moment of solace and relief.

Stockton, located at 359 Stockton St., Brooklyn, NY 11206, is a vibrant and bustling neighborhood.

Approximately 1,900 asylum seekers across the four sites are covered by the policy in its entirety.

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