Another Fatal Incident: Atlantic City, NJ Is Turning Into ‘Deadwood’

In just six days into the New Year, Atlantic City, New Jersey has already surpassed Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in terms of the number of murders.

Atlantic City is acquiring an increasingly perilous reputation.

On Friday night, January 5, 2023, I received a report detailing the following facts: after a youth basketball game, a party was held at a previously rented home.

An argument broke out and later escalated into the streets of Atlantic City, specifically in the Sovereign and Boston Avenue area.

The police crime scene expanded across a vast area, spanning from Arctic to Pacific and from Montpelier to Boston Avenues. The Atlantic City Police Department admirably blocked off these areas, demonstrating their exceptional work in an incredibly challenging and hazardous situation.


A significant number of Atlantic City Police vehicles, around 35 to 40, were present at the scene concurrently.

The Atlantic City Police made a notable appearance at a scene, which was unprecedented in terms of size and magnitude.

According to our sources, Atlantic City Police Officers were actively and skillfully working to de-escalate the dangerous situation.

In real-time, the Atlantic City Police Department attempted to contact the Atlantic City anti-violence team, seeking their assistance in de-escalating the situation.

The anti-violence staff was unavailable at the time, but they eventually arrived at the scene approximately an hour and a half later.

Gunshots echoed through the scene, despite the presence of numerous police officers.

Violent and audacious crimes are becoming a regular occurrence in Atlantic City, like never before in its entire history.

Earlier, I mentioned that Atlantic City is starting to resemble “Deadwood.” The reason for this comparison is the increasing number of violent shooting and stabbing incidents that bear a resemblance to the lawlessness of the 1870s in Deadwood, a small city in western South Dakota.

Below, you can find photos depicting the significant presence of Atlantic City Police cars at the scene of this tragic and violent incident.

New Jersey Governor Murphy and Jacqueline Suarez have a responsibility to address the situation concerning Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

Atlantic City is currently grappling with a multitude of mounting problems, and one major factor contributing to this predicament is its smaller size.

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