Apology from Police Department Reveals New Mexico Sheriff’s Deputy Pointed Gun at Store Customers Due to Frustration with City Situation

ai express – According to fellow officers, an off-duty sheriff’s deputy in Albuquerque reportedly caused a chaotic scene at a convenience store. Witnesses claim that the deputy, apparently under the influence of alcohol, verbally assaulted two men before brandishing his firearm and expressing his frustration with the current state of the city.

Detective Michael Borrecco from the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) wrapped up his shift on Wednesday and parked his vehicle at a Circle K. He then utilized the loudspeaker to address two unknown individuals, as reported by City Desk ABQ.

Albuquerque PD officers responded to the incident and discovered a Staccato model 2011 P 9mm handgun in the rear of the BSCO squad truck. The firearm was loaded with one round in the chamber and equipped with a flashlight, optic scope, and an extended magazine clip. City Desk ABQ reported this information.

The investigators discovered 14 empty 100ml vodka bottles scattered all over the cab of the vehicle. Additionally, they noted the presence of a strong smell of alcohol on the deputy’s breath.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by the local news site, Borrecco informed the responding officers that he perceived the clerk inside the store as scared of the two men. To calm the situation, he instructed the two men to leave.


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He expressed his frustration to the police, saying, “There is an excessive amount of nonsense happening in this city, and it truly angers me.”

Borrecco did not get arrested at the scene, but he voluntarily surrendered himself to the authorities. He was then taken to the Metropolitan Detention Center, where he faced charges of aggravated assault and the negligent use of a firearm. Additionally, he has been placed on administrative leave from the BSCO.

During a press conference on Friday, Sheriff John Allen of Bernalillo County expressed his apology to the community, acknowledging that Borrecco’s actions were deemed as unacceptable.

“I cannot stand idly by as a sheriff and let our personnel become a hindrance in our fight. They must be held accountable,” he declared.

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