Arrests made by University of Iowa police following protest at Kinnick Stadium

Nine individuals were apprehended by University of Iowa police after they reportedly fastened themselves to a door at Kinnick Stadium, effectively obstructing the entrance for University staff on Saturday.

According to the criminal complaints, the group engaged in a protest at approximately 4:30 p.m. During the protest, they used u-bolts to chain themselves to an entrance door. Additionally, they directed abusive language towards both the police and University staff.

During the protest, the police reported that the group was responsible for causing over $200 worth of damage.

The individuals involved in the incident were charged with Trespassing, Disorderly Conduct, and Interference with official acts.

    • Anthony Allou, 19, of Coralville
    • Ariele Andalon, 27, of Iowa City
    • Miriam Daoud, 22, of Cedar Rapids
    • Ella Doolittle, 22, of Council Bluffs
    • Jared Kula, 22, of North Liberty
    • Brian Nilles, 23, of Ashton
    • Clara Reynen, 26, of Iowa City,
    • Cassidy Slater-Scott, 24, of Iowa City
    • Gabriel Sperry, 26, of Iowa City

The police did not confirm the reason behind the group’s protest.


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