Law enforcement seizes over 100 grams of heroin in drug bust in Northeast Iowa

Last week, law enforcement officials in northeast Iowa made a significant drug bust, confiscating more than 100 grams of heroin.

On Wednesday night, the Oelwein Police Department conducted a search warrant in the 1200 block of 1st Street Northeast. As a result, a significant amount of illegal controlled substances, including over a pound of heroin, were found and seized. The diligent investigation also led to the apprehension of two individuals, namely 33-year-old Cody Skidmore and 31-year-old Marian Meier, both residents of Oelwein.

Skidmore and Meier face serious charges related to drug possession and intent to distribute. Specifically, they are charged with possession with intent to deliver heroin over 100 grams, which is classified as a Class B felony. Additionally, they are accused of planning to manufacture and deliver Psilocybin mushrooms, which is considered a Class C felony. Furthermore, they are facing charges of failure to affix drug tax stamps for both heroin and psilocybin, both of which are classified as Class D felonies.

Skidmore faced charges for possessing marijuana, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia, while Meier was charged with possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia. It is worth noting that there may be additional charges pending against both individuals.

In the 2000 block of Outer Road, Oelwein Police apprehended Gene Shay, 41, and Nancy Latham, 44, both from Oelwein, on Saturday afternoon (12.09) in a distinct drug bust. The arrests were made in connection with several outstanding Fayette County warrants.


Shay faced multiple charges, including possession of a controlled substance – third or subsequent offense, accessory after the fact, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving with an open container.

Latham had outstanding warrants for possession of a controlled substance – second offense, unlawful possession of prescription drugs, and possession of drug paraphernalia. When she was apprehended, Latham was also charged with unlawful possession of prescription drugs.

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