ATF Director: Ballistic Imaging Assists In Capturing The Worst Criminals In Colorado

Aiexpress – The director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives visited Denver on Tuesday to engage in discussions with police chiefs and other law enforcement officers regarding the most recent strategies aimed at removing criminals from our streets.

According to Steven Dettelbach, his agents are focusing on apprehending the most dangerous criminals and identifying those directly responsible for acts of violence. They are utilizing advanced technology to track the trajectory of bullets, aiding them in their mission.

The Director of the ATF visited Denver all the way from Washington, D.C., and had an exclusive interview with FOX31.

Tracking down criminals who flee from a crime scene poses a significant challenge for law enforcement agencies. This challenge is particularly evident in the Denver metro area, where a substantial number of stolen guns are repeatedly used in various criminal activities.

Dettelbach expressed his agency’s commitment to assisting the most vulnerable individuals in finding a way out of homelessness, stating that they aim to support those considered to be the “worst of the worst.”


ATF director: Agency focuses on ‘trigger-pullers’

According to the agency’s website, there are currently 2,586 special agents serving the entire country. In comparison, the U.S. Department of Justice website states that the FBI has approximately 10,100 special agents.

The ATF director emphasized the importance of working with a clear focus to identify these individuals referred to as “trigger-pullers,” due to the agency’s limited number of officers.

According to Dettelbach, the key to effective law enforcement is not to target everyone, but rather to concentrate limited resources on the individuals responsible for violent crime.

According to Dettelbach, the ATF has a strategy in place that involves collaborating with the Regional Anti-Violence Enforcement Network, commonly referred to as the RAVEN task force.

The Aurora-based group consists of 17 law enforcement agencies, including the ATF. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, ATF agents play a crucial role in analyzing bullet casings to identify the firearms responsible for firing the rounds.

According to Dettelbach, they have the ability to utilize the data they have in order to effectively target and identify the individuals responsible for the actual shooting incidents.

‘Interrupting the shooting cycle’

According to Dettelbach, the RAVEN task force played a crucial role in removing 200 violent criminals from the streets of Colorado last year. Out of those, 50 individuals are currently serving their sentences.

According to Dettelbach, the evidence, data, and research consistently demonstrate that a small group of individuals are responsible for these types of crimes and tend to repeat their actions. By apprehending and stopping these individuals, not only are we able to bring them to justice, but we also disrupt the cycle of shootings and prevent them from causing further harm.

The director emphasized the importance of securely locking firearms to prevent unauthorized access.

Dettelbach expressed his hopes of sharing the successful strategies employed by the agency with other law enforcement agencies nationwide.

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