Atlantic City, New Jersey Near the Borgata Casino, there is a homeless area

Councilwoman LaToya Dunston of Atlantic City, New Jersey recently discovered a homeless camp situated in an overgrown area. This camp is nestled close to prominent establishments such as the Borgata Casino, Brigantine Homes, and the Stanley Holmes Village Apartments.

Dunston was alerted by a concerned citizen about this situation, prompting her to take immediate action to assist those in need.

The Atlantic City Police, along with Dunston and other officials, are currently in the area, evaluating the situation and providing assistance to the underserved citizens who currently reside in this camp.

The area is home to several impressive structures that have been built over time.

Dunston has graciously shared with us a collection of photos that were captured earlier today, showcasing the current appearance of the area.


Atlantic City is currently grappling with a severe homelessness issue, as numerous neighboring cities and states are sending their underserved residents to Atlantic City with one-way bus tickets.

The County of Atlantic distributes social services program benefits in a highly professional manner.

Dunston had a busy day assisting an Atlantic City resident whose entire weekly groceries were stolen from their doorstep. Dunston is dedicated to helping this family replace their essential food supplies.

Dunstan displayed exceptional leadership and compassion today.

In case you missed it, here is a link to our recent coverage on Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small’s unsuccessful attempts to address the homeless issues in Atlantic City.

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