Authorities Searching For Escaped Inmate And Accomplice Following Hospital Ambush

The Idaho Department of Correction reported that both suspects are still on the loose after the early morning “ambush.”

Skylar Meade, an inmate from the Idaho Department of Correction, was taken to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise for unexpected medical treatment. As correction officers were getting ready to bring him back to prison at around 2:15 a.m. local time, an assailant launched an attack and fired at the officers, according to Boise police.

According to the police, one officer is currently in critical but stable condition, while the second officer sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

According to Boise police, an armed individual was shot by a Boise officer at the hospital’s emergency department. The officer responded to reports of an active shooter and fired his weapon at the armed person near the entrance. It was later determined that the armed individual was actually an Idaho Department of Correction officer. Fortunately, the correction officer sustained non-life-threatening injuries and is currently receiving treatment.

According to the police, the hospital went into a temporary lockdown while the officers in Boise conducted a search for the shooting suspect. The investigation revealed that Meade and his accomplice managed to escape in a gray Honda Civic right before the arrival of the Boise officers.


Boise Police Chief Ron Winegar expressed his outrage and concern over the brazen and violent attack on Idaho Department of Corrections personnel. The attack, which appeared to be well-coordinated, took place right in front of the Emergency Department, a place where people seek urgent medical help. Chief Winegar emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating that individuals often come to the Emergency Department in desperate circumstances. Fortunately, no lives were lost in this harrowing incident. Chief Winegar expressed his gratitude for this outcome and assured the public that the injured IDOC officers are being closely monitored. He expressed hope for their full and speedy recovery.

The police have identified the shooting suspect as Nicholas Umphenour, whom they describe as an “associate” of Meade. On Wednesday evening, the police announced that they have obtained a warrant for Umphenour’s arrest on two charges of aggravated battery against law enforcement and one charge of aiding and abetting an escape. The warrant carries a bond of $2 million.

The police have stated that they do not know where the two suspects have gone.

“We are conducting a thorough investigation, actively pursuing every available lead,” stated Winegar during a press briefing held on Wednesday afternoon. He emphasized the fluid nature of the situation, describing it as an ongoing incident with continuous developments.

He later remarked that they could be anywhere at this point.

According to the director of the Idaho Department of Correction, Josh Tewalt, an investigation is currently underway to determine how the attack was planned and to identify any additional individuals who may have assisted in Meade’s escape.

On Tuesday night, the inmate exhibited self-injurious behavior, prompting the prison medical staff to conclude that he required off-site care, according to Tewalt.

According to police and Idaho Department of Correction records, Meade, who is currently 31 years old, was incarcerated at a maximum security prison in Kuna. He was convicted of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer with a firearm enhancement. Meade’s sentence was scheduled to continue until October 2036, with the possibility of parole starting in October 2026, as indicated by the correction records.

Meade has been in prison since October 2016 and has previous convictions, including felony possession of a controlled substance, grand theft, and introduction of contraband into a correctional facility, according to the police.

If you come into contact with the two suspects, please call 911 immediately, as authorities have advised.

Authorities described Meade as a white man, standing at 5-foot-6 and weighing 150 pounds. He has hazel eyes and brown hair. Meade’s body is adorned with tattoos on his arms, chest, calf, abdomen, and face. Notably, his face bears the number one on one side and the number 11 on the other side, which is believed to be a symbol associated with the prison gang Aryan Knights, as stated by Winegar.

Authorities described Umphenour as a 5-foot-11 individual weighing around 160 lbs, with brown hair and hazel eyes.

After the lockdown, the hospital has returned to its regular operations.

The officer shooting is currently being investigated by the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, as confirmed by Boise police.

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