Mark Cuban Attends Fundraiser For Joe Biden In Dallas

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban, who cast his vote for former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley in the 2024 GOP primary and is currently showing his support for President Joe Biden, made an appearance at the president’s second fundraiser in Dallas, Texas, on Wednesday night.

On Wednesday night, Biden made an appearance alongside Cuban, the former majority owner of the Dallas Mavericks. This move is part of the president’s broader strategy to attract donors and supporters of Nikki Haley after her departure from the race.

Mark Cuban, a prominent figure on the popular ABC reality TV show Shark Tank, has announced his departure from the series in 2025.

Late on Wednesday night, he confirmed his attendance and expressed his desire to show support and greet the President, stating, “I wanted to show my support and say hi to the President.”

During the fundraiser held in the backyard of a luxurious residence in an affluent Dallas neighborhood, Biden delved into his contrasting views with former President Donald Trump and posed the timeless question popularized by Ronald Reagan: “Have you seen improvements in your life over the past four years?”


“Who among you wants to return to 2020? A time when fear controlled our lives and Trump was in power? I highly doubt anyone does,” remarked Biden, urging Democrats, independents, and Republicans to unite in their efforts to once again overcome Trump’s influence.”

ABC News was informed by a reliable source that the Biden campaign has been organizing Zoom calls with former donors of Haley after she suspended her campaign on March 6.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Cuban revealed that he voted for Haley in Texas but would ultimately choose Biden over Trump.

Biden’s campaign for re-election expresses confidence in their ability to convince supporters of Haley, who are against a second term for Trump, to cross party lines and support the president in the upcoming fall.

In a statement released shortly after Nikki Haley suspended her presidential campaign, Joe Biden expressed his openness to welcoming her supporters. He emphasized that he wants to make it clear that there is a place for them in his campaign, in contrast to Donald Trump’s stance on the matter.

The Biden-Harris campaign has highlighted the fact that Haley still garnered a significant number of votes in the primary elections, even after she withdrew from the race. They use this as evidence to suggest that Trump may face challenges in bringing together Republicans in the upcoming November elections.

During a press call on Monday, a campaign aide acknowledged that Nikki Haley’s comments are shedding light on Donald Trump’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses. The campaign is taking note of this and plans to actively engage with voters, emphasizing the contrast between Haley’s portrayal of Trump and their own campaign message.

According to aides, exit polling also reveals that there are Republican primary voters who express their willingness to support Biden in the general election. For example, in Ohio, as per ABC News exit polling on Tuesday, it was found that eight out of ten supporters of Haley stated that they would not vote for Trump in the general election. Furthermore, nearly half of them indicated that they would back Biden, a statistic that the Biden campaign strongly criticized when addressing reporters.

According to a report from CNBC, several former bundlers for Haley have chosen to support Biden’s campaign instead of Trump’s. Among them is Harry Sloan, a veteran media executive and former donor to Haley, who has been recruited to assist in Biden’s reelection efforts and fundraising.

Mark Cuban recently visited the White House to participate in a roundtable discussion focused on reducing prescription drug costs. This is a topic that Cuban feels strongly about, as evidenced by his establishment of Cost Plus Drug Company, a company that offers affordable medication to consumers. President Biden has also been vocal about his commitment to addressing the issue of high prescription drug costs. One of his notable initiatives includes capping the price of insulin at $35 for senior citizens.

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