Authorities Searching For Suspect In Suburban Chicago Shooting Spree That Left 8 People Dead In 48 Hours

Aiexpress – Authorities have reported that a man is on the loose after shooting and killing eight people at three separate locations in the suburbs of Chicago since Sunday.

Police in Will County and the city of Joliet are unaware of the motive behind the killings, but they have confirmed that the perpetrator had a connection to the victims. Joliet Police Chief William Evans has stated that the local authorities are receiving assistance from the FBI’s fugitive task force in their ongoing search for the suspect.

Authorities informed reporters on Monday evening that the victims had been discovered at three different locations on Sunday and Monday. Earlier in the day, authorities had issued a warning on social media, stating that the man should be regarded as “armed and dangerous.”

Authorities have stated that they also suspect a connection between the recent shooting in Joliet that left a man injured on Sunday and the ongoing series of violent incidents. However, they have chosen not to disclose any specific evidence at this time.

During a news conference outside the Joliet homes on Monday evening, Evans, a veteran policeman with 29 years of experience, expressed his shock and dismay, stating, “I’ve been a policeman for 29 years and I can confidently say that this is probably the worst crime scene I’ve ever been associated with.”


During the news conference, Chief Deputy Dan Jungles of Will County revealed that deputies had maintained surveillance on one of the houses since Sunday evening, hoping to apprehend the suspect responsible for the previous day’s shootings. However, when no one appeared, they decided to approach the door of another house connected to the first one. Unfortunately, there was no response at the door. They then proceeded to enter the second house, where they discovered the first bodies. Jungles refrained from providing any additional information at that time.

According to Evans, the individuals discovered in the residences on Monday were all members of the same family. When questioned about whether the victims were related to the suspect, Jungles declined to provide further details but did confirm that the suspect was acquainted with them.

Teresa Smart, who resides just a block away from the location where seven of the victims were discovered, expressed her concerns about the possibility of her family and herself being unable to sleep tonight.

“It’s unnerving how close this is to home,” she remarked, expressing her concern as police cars barricade the streets in our neighborhood.

“I find myself constantly peering out the window and double-checking the security of my doors,” she admitted. “It’s an incredibly frightening experience.”

The Joliet Police announced on their Facebook page earlier this afternoon that they are investigating the deaths of several individuals. They also shared a photo of the suspect and images of a red Toyota Camry, which authorities have identified as the vehicle involved in the incident.

On Monday, the Will County Sheriff’s Office posted pictures of the identical car on Facebook, stating that it had been spotted at the locations of two distinct shootings on Sunday afternoon.

– The correction to the story states that Joliet is a city, not a county. The information was provided by Richmond from Madison, Wisconsin. Additional contribution came from Associated Press reporter Claire Savage.

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